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Monthly Archive: July 2017

Why should build my own blog

I’ve always wanted to own a website, this wish in my contact with the network, especially with the blog after have such a desire, at that time always feel, with those big web blog template is really rich, but no matter how you get to get to the final, or someone. Freely give people free to work, there is, as the blog, traffic sources are opaque, they can not put statistical code, where exactly is the visitor, I did not know, just know that every day the data increased a little at a time.

I have been a very comprehensive information to the station, from literature to entertainment, everything, self appreciation for more than a year, most of the traffic is Baidu, Baidu and Google was now almost as long as the page, it is included, upload a forum program no, content, it also gives you the results included hundreds of. Now only know, when their own construction called garbage station things, now the construction of such web pages, in addition to bring you some traffic, there is no significance. read more

Taobao shop with what Taobao tools better

is now operating in Taobao business, not only need to have a good product, has the quality of service, but also need to apply to the natural Taobao tools. In short, in addition to Taobao marketing tools and features a large background, Taobao also provides tools for you to choose if you want to use, you can find the vast sea, there are a large number of tools of Taobao marketing tool, which is suitable for very good grasp.

simple suggestion:

1, the preferred tool provided by the official Taobao read more

Network promotion brings me wealth

do not know how to understand at the beginning of last year, still do not know what the SEO is, with mass software as "machine gun" everywhere indiscriminately, it can be said that in my hand the website information is flying.

although I have not so far to the success of the operation of a station, but the process of the failure, can be said to be my life’s wealth, for the promotion and operation of the site in the process of failure. I get some experience:

number 1: promoting read more

New sites do not rely on Baidu a week traffic rose to 50 thousand P


wrote this topic, he hesitated several times, afraid of being scolded by his friends who could not understand it. Of course, here is a garbage dump up a week, the regular industry station also have to slowly develop.

want to learn friends continue to see, do not want to see the waste of a few seconds of your time, sorry.

got 50 thousand IP, not casually said, is to do it yourself, in order to avoid AD suspects, I do not say the url. Because the afternoon to send a friend to the railway station, he completely bid farewell to the webmaster career, go to the south to work, and watch him go, I feel very heavy, just like a comrade fell down like. read more

The impact of server interrupts on the site and its handling

server interruption, resulting in no site site, ranking nothing, if in the shortest possible time to recover, the following to do a brief introduction!!!


the following content is the actual situation of www.jackjones-china.com website, if restore, introduce

one by one

1. analyzes the reasons for the shutdown of the web server and the shortest possible time to restore it, and promptly contact the server vendor.

jackjones web site due to the same server web site involving illegal content, the network supervision department monitoring sampling, short-term can not open. read more

Web Designer the atmosphere website is made this way

as the site construction threshold is getting lower and lower, providing website construction, web design companies, studios, individuals all crowded in the entire network built in the big pond, it can be described as wolf, sheep less. But now, more and more clever "sheep", Zhengzhou network designers, heard the most and most troublesome word – I want to air some…………

what is the atmosphere and "what is learned? On the general type of enterprise display site for example, finishing part of the information given, welcome paizhuan. read more

Bulk mail promotion technology big secret

believe that many webmaster is lazy, I believe that many owners have used bulk mail to spread over the site, also believe that most of the webmaster all think that if the bulk mail is sent out into the inbox and the effect is obvious. Then how to send out the mail? How to enter the inbox? How does the mail server decide your spam? I talk about this problem according to my experience of more than one month of sending mail.

first, let’s talk about the two ways to send mail. One is DNS express mail, one is through the SMTP server, or the relay server. What is the use of DNS express mail out online directly send the DNS server through the SMTP server, which is not through the SMTP, 126.com, smtp.tom.com, so the letter name can literally take, the sender’s e-mail can also be easily, so it can be anonymous. In this way, you can say, then, we can use this DNS server has always been issued ah. Wrong。 For example, we send it to QQ or to 126, and their servers can be judged that the letter was sent from DNS. Foxmail is the function of DNS express mail, but only a single send, you send it to the QQ mailbox, it is into the dustbin, and then a few more, it can not be received directly. Currently on the market a lot of mail mass or use this technology, I would say, DNS mass has been no good. The success rate is very low. Software is a flicker of people. read more

ntellectual property day to talk about personal video site in the future

following the beauty picture station, the film and television station once again set off a wave of Internet frenzy. Ever since Marx CMS, almost every old stationmaster has a movie station in his hand. Many new people do the first stop, maybe the movie station. Today is intellectual property day, so I will talk about the survival situation and development direction of TV station. You don’t mind, telling their own stories, have said something wrong, please teach me one or two.

movie station number: search for "free movies", from the amount of feedback information, Baidu search related pages of about 24000000 articles, Google about 5050000. And hidden behind these data are K or not included in the number, at least 10 times more than the search data. So many people are staring at the movie, how much do you think you can get, read more

Analysis of several methods for mining high quality chain resources

Baidu now pay more and more attention to the quality of the chain, then as a member of the SEO chain, how can we get the high quality of the chain? I’m sure most of the webmaster is a headache for the chain resources. Every day only know to a few big platform above release, so you can really work? I feel there are many owners have been discovered, the chain should focus on "wide", not only in the above several platforms. Even if these platform weight is very high, also can second closed, so, as long as you frequent in this release, will inevitably cause your outside chain accumulation. We all know that the chain of accumulation, the current blow is very strong, and you drop the right or site is K. Therefore, as a SEO optimizer, have to learn some mining high quality outside the chain of technology, today ourmoonseo BBS webmaster will introduce some mining methods of the chain, we want to help. read more

ndustry exchanges talent website can also learn from the development of attributes

if a single traditional industry, the development situation of essentials and each field are not the same, but for the Internet industry, any one based on this product must have the same genes, in other words, the key to success each other we can borrow some. Then, as our recruitment website, what aspects should we look for to our own success points?

WeChat believes that everyone is not strange, as Tencent internationalization opportunities, WeChat naturally by the latter placed great expectations. As for the current development situation, WeChat is indeed worthy of Tencent’s international strategic layout. Turning over its history of prosperity, we can find that WeChat has a unique and common Internet product development factor, that is, light media, light business. Although it is not the pursuit of the future does not mean not to pursue, but at least to abstinence is a good performance in the stage of WeChat. read more

How can the local station hold the Spring Festival party

, the Spring Festival is coming in less than a month. What are you going to do for the Spring Festival party,


many sites in the Spring Festival party is nothing more than to eat K song and so on, had wanted to make a successful party? After all, it is very difficult to have such a chance.

last Spring Festival, we had a party, when more than 150 people, more than a dozen wonderful programs, and interactive games. And sponsored gifts. The scene is very hot.

this year’s Spring Festival activities, we are now beginning to prepare, and I hope the local station master can grasp such an opportunity. read more

DMOZ improve the PR value of Google method

, Google is the most popular search engine in the world, both for average users and network administrators. It handles search requests of up to 200 million times a day, accounting for almost 1/3 of the world’s search search volume. Therefore, as a network administrator, how to improve the ranking of the web site becomes very important, and the most important factor to determine its ranking is your web page in the Google system PageRank (hereinafter referred to as PR) value of the level. Therefore, to improve the PR value of the web page is too important. read more

How do promote my software

today is a happy day, because when I search for "fast" in the Baidu keyword, my website ranked first! Google a, the ranking is also good, oh. There are many sites experience articles are written very well, but rarely seen on the promotion of their own software development articles, today I’ll share with you my experience, I hope you like it.

in fact I set up a web site just to promote my hand, half a year ago, I began to have their own software development way, I started to build a website of your own, do not my strengths, I’m just a software application engineer. When I applied for a domain name (this domain name is difficult to get, because people have been hoarding, and very uncomfortable), and then apply for space, I began to do the site. My page is written in Notepad, because I don’t know PHP, ASP, then I use Notepad++ to write, until now, if you look at my web page source code, you will find it simple, because I was a row in the. Programmers usually don’t know how to sell or disdain it, but they have to do something they’re not good at to sell their software. My website is very simple, just a few pages, introduced my own hand on my hand to the software is free for personal use, even if you are free to use, I also Speechless, only more hard to improve. read more

Baidu really took you two months before you included my new station

first celebration, after nearly 60 days of waiting, QQ resource station was successfully included Baidu. The following briefly write about the experience, I hope to open the station for a long time, Baidu has not been included in the reference of friends.

In July 17th

launched its website, some articles about QQ space code was collected from the Internet, there are about 100 or so, after a simple modification of the title and content, to submit to Baidu and Google, according to the experience of Baidu before the first page should be included in a month or so. The plan was then collected in Baidu update, but by August 20th, and not as expected to be included in Baidu, then post online bidding and some similar website links, the link quality is not high, the number is not much. The second day, that is, in August 22nd, Google included a content page, and did not include the home page. This time to update the content every day, every day update about 10 articles, or the acquisition after some simple editing, so insist on a week, Google has included more than 50 pages, Yahoo also has nearly 200 pages, but Baidu still no movement. To see the stone on the original post, August has a lot of new sites is the case, during September 15th when the newly opened a personal blog, zblog program, with a previous name, did not think second days will be included in Baidu home page. When viewing the page snapshot of the accidental change. See the results of the QQ resource station snapshot, according to the above displayed text should be in August 22nd, when it is in August 22nd, has been the Baidu index, which has been placed in the cache. After the beginning of the basic update every day, you can see the snapshot of Baidu, which will probably be about 3 days, there will be an update, and finally arrived this morning, when site appeared 681 pages, was officially included by Baidu. read more

Analysis of the reasons for the big price gap of website construction

recently, through the communication with the customer matters on the construction site price in this area, the construction site was found the price is too high, with a recent shopping site online payment advice to our customers, we are here according to the reference website, reported a price of thousands of dollars, he said we rob, others offer only more than 1000. At that time I was depressed, how could this be? Through the analysis, why the same industry in the same site construction quotation is so poor, cheap where? I analyzed the cause of the price gap on the construction site, make a summary. read more

About the recent operation of Wuhan second hand network of some experience

as a webmaster, I am a word, tired, but tired and happy, especially for me, this is not very SEO,


, a description of this year, I focus on a lot of classified information do well, such as 58 Ganji, was also linked to them responsible for this one, then have to join the meaning, but also do not join, and then 58 contracts are signed, but in the end did not settle down finally, want to get one of their own! After nearly 1 years of planning and development, also has been running on the line.

‘s current status, read more

Grassroots talk about the architecture and development of local portals

currently Chinese there are millions of websites, and for the grass-roots webmaster, profit but not is easy to see, there are many grassroots webmaster may still continue to invest money in his youth, on the site, it should be said that in the current network situation and case, 2 the site is most likely to go on the profit model, but also the future development trend of the website, a website (industry is a typical representative of the steel net, second) should be the local portal. I mainly want to mention today is the local portal view, at present my own in comprehensive portal site making a municipal unit of the city, I own from the early site website officially launched the experience to share with everyone. read more

How to quickly improve the weight of the two elements of the website

site weight is search engine for a website to the website evaluation mechanism, giving the authority value, because Baidu days of continuous adjustment, many of the old station included and the chain decreased, while the new sites included fast, new snapshot time, a time for the weight of the subject Public opinions are divergent. What is the concrete manifestation of the weights of the website, marketing world website weight high performance is to publish content included very quickly, immediately reflected in the search results, and give a good ranking, of course, time is also a new snapshot. read more

Baidu update steps difficult to keep track of new sites

in such a frequent Baidu update, the pace of new sites to keep up with how far? Is it far from Baidu left behind?

Just remember to do

station, Baidu station is very care, after the submission can easily be included, see now, some half a year before the station included; some stations for a month, immediately included, Baidu algorithm update frequently, so the new station be taken by surprise.

my a new station, Baidu included, has been only one, today included increased to 2 articles, but ranking has dropped down. This word, when included in the tenth page, I in the process of optimization, into fifth pages, third pages, and second pages, while he was on the first page, Baidu update today, once again returned to the fifth page. If I once again optimized, and then to come up, the Baidu algorithm is updated again, is not the rankings back to the origin, read more

400 fans WeChat public number how to do the article reading amount 100 thousand

recently friends are talking about WeChat, WeChat has said that the high value, said WeChat ads to make money fast, but for WeChat’s US operations, said that most of the public, WeChat should be more and more difficult to operate, the cost is more and more big fans of WeChat. Before I applied for a WeChat public number, then did not think much, did not manage to put, and recently took up operations.

simply say this public number of information, the public number: Rui Mommy network, when fans have more than 900, of which 500 is to verify the public number purchased, so only more than 400 of the real fans. read more