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Monthly Archive: September 2017

The negative information processing method

2. again to suppress negative information. Cover the most direct method to suppress the negative information is to use positive information. This is to mobilize the whole company personnel strength, we have to collect all the high weight of the blog, send some positive information on it, then let the whole company staff and click on the praise, positive information these weight high blog, plus the company personnel to click, as long as the love of Shanghai included, weights are very high, when the positive content of this kind of high weight more than negative content, these positive information ranking will outweigh the negative information. Our company has experienced such a thing: this year the company sold a Sichuan Futian LED car advertising appeared quality problem, the main reason is due to problems of the Futian LED advertising vehicle chassis, and the modified part of our company is only responsible for LED advertising vehicle, so we have to explain to the customer service staff the LED car advertising customers, because the LED advertising vehicle chassis is Beijing Futian company. read more

Limited discount TP-COUPON coupon system, business license type 1 – a net – Taobao system – a netwSi

and then for two consecutive days, dare not use IE8 to open the site, and hope that now with IE8 people will not be too much, there will not be too many people find the site dislocation problem. Later thought, escape is not the way, after all, IE8 will only more and more people use, it can not be less and less people use. Began to study the reasons for the dislocation of the site under IE8 and solutions.

is no longer misplaced after adjustment IE8:

actually, the solution is simple. Open your web site with IE8 browser. Don’t panic if you find a misplaced problem. On the menu bar, open the tools option, find the compatibility view in the drop down menu, tick it, and then see if the site is not misplaced. read more

See! Ding Lei’s pig has been blown up by the wind of capitalIn the fierce network competition, how c

for why financing at this time, NetEase is not willing to share more details, but certainly at this time is a good time to enter the capital, but also a good time to expand.

direction two: learn to start small.

fierce competition in the network, the new Taobao customers how to emerge suddenly,

NetEase central finance also seems to confirm the logic of Ding Lei, and capital collusion, efficient ecological large-scale farming model is a feasible path. All along, agriculture, especially aquaculture, often needs heavy assets, while PE is only around 10 times, and capital is more willing to invest in other areas where PE is higher. But now, the investment fund and the high PE value of raging like a storm, and fast track field has basically been swept round the capital, only agricultural and medical also without the power of capital has changed, at the same time, they just need to market and hidden countless nuggets may. read more

How to follow the principle of Optimization Website Optimization from the inside

for the website, the first page of the weight is the highest, is a website to show the essence, but also need the importance of home page as a support to be able to play an important role, that is to say the home page is red, but the inside pages are set off red flower leaves, if not fresh green leaves so, there is no red springhead will eventually fade, so, the core of the web site optimization but should follow from the inside of the principle of good internal strength, can be sublimated to the temperament of the home page, ranking and lay a solid foundation for the promotion website. read more

My business entering the business of animation products industry in Shanghai Dragon

, a Shanghai Longfeng mall needs, but not to Shanghai dragon

two, Shanghai Longfeng mallOptimization of


11 years, I gave up the original company of Shanghai dragon director, resolutely embarked on the road of business. To Steamed Buns Mall Office Manager, engaged in animation products, animation online promotion work, to build domestic first-line brand animation animation derivatives business platform.

mall is a trading platform products, the above commodity quantity is limited, can produce the amount of content is limited, the information platform has inherent disadvantages in terms of content; read more

To love the experience of Shanghai as a teacher to strive for further improvement to optimize the we

(2) is rich in content. A map is the truth, a valuable content, in addition to the use of words to express image is an essential element of love, the experience of Shanghai almost every experience are added to the picture, as shown below:

An essential step in the

the place: the title tag can use the website brand + title words, which can enhance the brand word ranking; for Keywords tag, preferably not more than five words, keywords from high to low to write; for the description tag, can put the pages open first section is written in, but will not be over 120 words, otherwise you may be in love with the sea with an ellipsis omitted. read more

How to judge the degree of competition keywords

view the search engine before two page ranking number, that is to see the first two pages of the web site keywords in page is more than the home page. The more pages, the smaller the degree of competition. Of course, this is not a "

5, the first two pages of search engine ranking number

For search resultsThe number of

here is generally divided into two, one is the number one is bidding, bidding price. Obviously, the auction results more, the higher the price, the greater the degree of competition. The corresponding tool can be provided by different search engines to query. read more

Love Shanghai recently included the way to deal with difficulties

reproduced content to be deleted, can be understood, because the original content search engine has long advocated high quality, and is also regarded as pseudo original before a feasible method, which is the basic conditions for the survival of the station group of software. In addition to station group software to generate pseudo original, we love webmaster using pseudo original software to produce the so-called pseudo original, pseudo original content range, no readability basically, but some webmaster with some translation tools, Chinese translated into English, and then translate English to Chinese, so basically and the original content will be quite different, appears to be original. But there exists the problem of poor readability. In fact, many owners do false original had no intention to the user, purely deceive search engine. Of course, there are also some diligent webmaster, articles reprinted manual modification to achieve pseudo original purpose. The original idea for short pseudo every way. read more

Optimization of 4 points must be paid attention to enterprises

              as the saying goes: everything is hard in the beginning, the website is the beginning of the pre positioning. Want to do what the site is directly related to the product market, and consumer groups. These are the key of future profitability. This is the same with the line of business, the store business is what should first be taken into consideration. A successful management station necessary earlier with a specific plan, and this plan is related to the site of the future direction of development, marketing told us: "there should be difference", which means that the positioning of the site is very important. Identify the location is clear, the market, the marketing group. Location directly determines the fate of the enterprise.   read more

The Shanghai dragon HTML structure optimization adjustment techniques

module to occupy the domestic site in 70%, including the author’s website also used, and the effect of the code is often in the front part of the structure of the HTML document, the most common is the navigation bar below the realization way is nothing more than FLASH or JS script, the most commonly used layout code is as follows:

< div class=" banner" >

        < object>


        < /object>

  < /div>

  < div; class=" banner" >

        < script type=" text/javascript" >


        < /script>

  < /div>The author thinks that if the read more

The face of each update must be calm and love Shanghai

back one day when I fell in love with the sea will stand down the right, all rankings are not included, the chain reduced the most, I worry. My reasons then crazy, with the words of Xiao Shenyang is: why is this? Then do every day, the hair of the chain, love Shanghai update quickly to see if there is no good, look up included, rankings have a good point! A heart with an unsettled state of mind……

later when the chain began to stabilize, after each love Shanghai update quickly went to see the rankings, as long as there is a little progress will be very happy, happy sometimes can’t sleep sleep, remember the word Jiangxi Shanghai dragon make up the day of sleep a night, laughing to know this. The stage is very good. Then the next time is concerned about ranking, ranking and see how, will not fall down, the heart is still in love Shanghai……… read more

The actual share the site is K included Google how to revive

site is K, many webmaster associate often is "love the sea K" station, but the Google K station still can not be ignored. First, regardless of Google webmaster flow aside, what meaning? The fact that when the site is K, the effect of a direct impact on the level of "website PR value". PR is a comprehensive assessment of the quality of the website, if Google itself will do the website quality to deny, and where is the PR? In the PR update, there are many "accidents", its value has shrunk, but still can not deny the many contributions to the Google web site evaluation. Today we went through their own practice to share Google K station, how to quickly restore the K website experience. read more

Site optimization techniques to enhance the success rates of 90% users

later I pulled into the blacklist, because the exchange is a waste of valuable time on both sides, once an optimization personnel, ranking as Shanghai dragon all, so he has been limited, in most of my friends, I often ask them when your site the ranking, you will provide valuable information for users, regularly updated? Eighty percent of the people are not the answer, in fact, whether to regularly update the article, this is decided by the market demand, update the article’s purpose is to solve the fundamental problem of the user, so as to promote the cooperation needs, rather than as a ranking, when a website content has been able to solve user problems, so he will not have to update, will allow the user to generate a return, but this kind of website is less and less, most of the websites Do not solve the fundamental problem, so as to let the user, the user will have to go back, do the following: read more

The actual analysis of how to modify the title through to update the website snapshot


modified title, snapshot recovery within seven days of

for Adsense whether a web site is good, and one of the most critical factor is the website snapshot. Especially in the exchange of Links, if your web site snapshot beyond three days, few owners are willing to exchange with you. But in the face of the snapshot is not updated, most owners will think through the increase of the chain can be improved, in fact, sometimes people say not to increase the chain can update snapshot will update, snapshot update speed, which relates to many aspects, such as the space is stable, if approved, the search engine website content the value, at the site of the spider crawl is smooth and other reasons. Of course not just RenJiZiRan development snapshot not update, sometimes by some anti means can also play a positive effect. Today the old K to share a lot of stationmaster does not recognize the update method, no ranking of new or more appropriate site. read more

Shanghai love reminder tool a month for you to come, rest for 29 days.

, Shanghai love message reminder tool data is provided by the security alliance, the message content is to remind the site was black, the chain construction, content construction, abnormal abnormal and abnormal abnormal crawl news source and so on. Love Shanghai news reminder tool has many functions are also being perfected, such as the content of the construction of abnormal dimension will increase the content of cheating reminders, estimates of these new features will in the near future on the line. Love Shanghai initiative to remind webmaster is good and bad: the thing is because of love of Shanghai can be within a month, the news website of abnormal black remind owners can effectively repair to be reminded of bad news; because I love Shanghai news reminder tool is to remind once a month, and to a certain amount to remind, may some sites not once a month to remind has been cheating or being black, which leads to love Shanghai fall right, flow loss, affecting the user experience. read more

The construction site outside the chain is conservative thought innovation will fail

blog group construction of the chain is the chain is very important, if it is a separate blog to the construction of the chain and its effect is often not obvious, but once through the way of blog to construction, the effect will improve a lot, but also very easy to set up a blog group, Bo guest group is in the initiative in his hand, so that the chain can be their own long-term retention, to bring good site weight transfer effect of

so the website chain quality what is better? Naturally someone else’s site quality is relatively high, the weight is relatively high, but also has certain correlation with published content, only in this way can the website chain quality as well, it is because of the high requirements of the chain, it is necessary to ensure the construction the web site is the chain of innovative ideas, so new Adsense how to get their abandoned site outside the chain construction mode of the original? It’s natural to proceed from the analysis of competitor read more

Summary since the establishment of several reasons about the website right down

most of the webmaster site to make website to bring some good benefits to yourself, but although we want earnings but must pay attention to some types of advertising is not very love Shanghai love in advertising, if not to notice if it is possible to love Shanghai to deweight you the site, like Se, SF, gambling, violence, and some countries prohibited some advertising we are.

update to insist on

three, the

many friends will ignore their own website space and procedures of these two questions, sometimes love Shanghai right down or punishment is the cause, so we choose the site in the early space at the same time we must be careful, don’t look at some cheaper to buy and use of space, we must investigate whether before this space is stable, the access speed is fast, I recommend here we can see in the A5 flat-share inside, because my space is A5 flat-share inside rent, more than a year has not had problems, but the speed is also very impressive, a web application problem we should also note that many webmaster program it is a free download from some online program, which contains a number of vulnerabilities in many BUG and some black people and some Trojan code to And so we are free to download files, at the same time we must check whether the program has these problems, if there is a problem must be promptly resolved to avoid to bring no small trouble. read more

The construction of marketing website winning tips illustrations more awesome

is in constant change and aesthetic point of view with the development of social progress, but also like girls flower skirt, even every season changing. Three or four years ago, some web design we see, may think it is beautiful at that time, and now feel maybe not what. With the development of society, people have more and more impetuous, a thick text website, perhaps few people will patiently read. And the website art beautifully designed to make up for this shortcoming, a good configuration with a lovely picture, undoubtedly touch. Creative design with wonderful content, make people more mind to read. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization and not just stare at a keyword on

in fact, even worse than this. The top 30 pages, already beat the other in the noble baby at the top of the page, so you’re going to have to beat them by defeat ". Don’t believe it? As long as the input "Golf nobility baby" three words, then you can see how many pages in a single word for this in the competition. You really want to nearly a half million

if your company is the tiger, maybe you are likely to win in this competition, the word "washing machine" to the first rank. If you successfully won the keywords, although perhaps because the tiger has a good reputation, there are sufficient funds and other resources to compete for a key word. For most people, it’s too expensive. We have no reason to do only a key investment…… especially when you can use different ways to make your investment to get better returns. read more

The difference let you out of Shanghai dragon Oliver

can be asked, even if I make a separate beauty website, but our peers have ah, how do I make the difference with their peers? The answer is very simple, we can offer, other sites can provide? For example: about Shanghai dragon forum, one of the biggest different. The point is that we are able to help webmasters to analyze the website, and the website to have few peers. The number of members of our website to rise so fast.

do what Shanghai Longfeng need? Is the chain of resources, is the high quality of the article or profound Shanghai dragon technology. A lot of people thinking about how their website to row up, at the risk of a website is to increase the risk of K and web page keyword density. Does Shanghai dragon is really this bitter work? How to do to let love Shanghai love your website, rather than torture. In fact, the answer is very simple, you can solve the website differentiated fix everything. read more