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Monthly Archive: November 2017

Case analysis four dimensions of website optimization entrance page

dimension two: new visitors analysis

Browse, visitor number and IP number key consideration website

dimension three: attractiveness analysis

page is the first entrance entrance visitors visit the site, which is the first visit to visit the page. Entrance page as the first page of website visitors, its quality can directly see the website optimization is reasonable. Today poly way travel key from the entrance page flow, new visitors, attraction and transformation of four dimensions of analysis. read more

Structured objects are 5 basic attribute extraction of web pages

as the Shanghai dragon website optimization personnel most want to know is that the structure of the web page from which attributes to represent ". So this title is given to "structured objects are 5 basic attributes of web page". The 5 basic attributes that is below the 5 properties is very important to search for.


two, "what is the goal of


I’m not pedantic, I was engaged in the Shanghai dragon website optimization personnel, share their own learning process, I always believe that the bottom of things, will let the Shanghai dragon website optimization work has become more and more easily controlled application. Whether in Beijing or Shanghai do website optimization, website optimization, or Guangzhou website optimization and so on, are the same as the truth. This last sentence of beginners is nonsense ha. Following into the subject. read more