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All about confidence for Sheffield

first_imgAs Wisconsin volleyball head coach Kelly Sheffield watched his team win its second game against the Indiana Hoosiers Saturday night, he knew his team had bought into what they had been training for all year: playing with confidence.With a new head coach and highly-regarded recruiting class, a new era of Wisconsin volleyball is set to begin with a strong foundation to continue on for the future. Sheffield, winner of four season and tournament championships and three Atlantic 10 Coach of the Year awards at Dayton, has already successfully changed the culture of a losing program back to winning one. He needed just 15 games to prove it.“You’ve got to play with enthusiasm. You’ve got to play together. You’ve got to be disciplined,” Sheffield said. “It’s not about yourself, it’s about the team. I want our players to be very confident within themselves and with the team. Confidence comes through by putting the work in and having a vision.”It’s that vision that Sheffield knows will get the Wisconsin volleyball program back to its wonder days. For Sheffield, a team that believes in itself is a team that can win.In the past five years, though, it seemed as if the team had lost its poise. From 1999-2007 under head coach Pete Waite, the team qualified for the NCAA tournament every year and seemed practically unstoppable in the Big Ten. Since 2008, however, the program had gone steadily downhill, which resulted in a 77-80 overall record in the past five years.This year, however, the Badgers have started the season 14-1 and had their best start to the season since 2000 where Wisconsin finished runners-up in the NCAA tournament. And many of the players — such as senior Annemarie Hickey who now has played under both coaches — have taken notice of the changes to the team and styles of coaching.“We knew that it was going to be a lot different with [Sheffield] coming in from our previous years here,” Hickey said. “The team really focused on moving forward and not thinking about the past and that’s kind of what he told us from day one.“We don’t want to worry about what happened two, three, four or five years ago, we just want to keep moving forward. We want to make it better for this team and what we can do better for this team.”Sheffield is always trying to motivate his players but also demands the absolute best and has been known to hold his players accountable if they don’t do as he says, even while training for the upcoming season.“I remember the first week of practice we messed up a couple times, and things that would usually slip, he wouldn’t let happen,” junior starter Ellen Chapman said. “Little things like leaving the ball out, we got punished for. I’m glad that he started the season off with that kind of mindset. Hard work ethic is something he really believes in.”That work ethic has gotten the Badgers off to their fast and triumphant start. Wisconsin always looks composed this year when it takes the court. Sheffield has made sure that they are always prepared for each and every game.The Badgers have proven their tenacity on the court, but its their strong will to play for Sheffield that has really garnered their success.“He’s really good at just giving us a game plan to know what we need to do out there,” Hickey said.  “If we’re not doing that game plan, he’s holding us accountable between matches two and three. He’s really good at just motivating us. I hear a lot of my teammates saying I really want to do good for Kelly. That’s one of the big differences, too.”The stakes of coaching volleyball at Wisconsin are much higher than at Dayton, and Sheffield is no fool to that condition. As appreciative as he is for his time at Dayton, he’s well aware of the opportunity he has at Wisconsin and values every day he can coach here.“I had a great job where I was at, a great place to live, worked with great people,” Sheffield said. “But you have the opportunity when you come here to be able to recruit the absolute best in the country. You have the ability at coaching the best and coaching against the best and that was very, very [good for] me. Wisconsin has it all.”And by all, Sheffield doesn’t just mean that Wisconsin is a great sell for both sports and academics while recruiting. He’s also describing the overall atmosphere here and how fans are part of the equation.Sheffield recognizes how supportive and involved Badgers’ fans are to their alma mater and its sports. He knows having fans there at games is what will continue to build on his players’ confidence.“What I’m learning about the fans here is that [the fans] are part of the solution. When the opposing team is getting on a little bit of a run, they’re cheering for us. They’re trying to help us out,” Sheffield said. “Very few places in the country are like that. After a match, I don’t want them to say you played well. I want them to say we played well. That one word is a big part. I think here they believe it’s we, and I love it.”last_img read more

Women’s basketball looks to improve conference record in Arizona

first_imgFreshman guard Desiree Caldwell looks for the basket against Fresno State Nov. 28 at the Galen Center. (Josh Dunst/Daily Trojan) “Our kids practice hard,” head coach Mark Trakh said. “That’s why you win games. Kids talk, and you get after it and you just have to keep competing so hopefully we can keep it going.” The Wildcats and the Sun Devils are currently No. 7 and No. 5 in the Pac-12 standings, respectively. Even though the teams have not been playing at the level they were hoping to coming into this season, they are both eight games above .500. The Trojans have a quick turnaround this week as they prepare to play the Arizona Wildcats and the No. 16 Arizona State Sun Devils over a three-day span. After already losing to the Bruins earlier this season, the Trojans came into Saturday’s game with a chip on their shoulder. With great performances all around, the Trojans managed to pull off their first conference win in a 72-67 victory to extend their overall record to 11-6. Coming into the season, the USC women’s basketball team was projected as one of the top teams in the Pac-12, after they finished 20-11 overall and 9-9 in conference play last year. The Women of Troy started off the season living up to expectations by winning ten out of their first eleven games, only to lose five straight matchups to start conference play. In what seemed to be a lost season, the Trojans are looking to turn things around after beating crosstown rival UCLA. “If we play like this the rest of the way, we’ll be very competitive,” Trakh said following the UCLA game. Mazyck had her breakout game last week against the Bruins, scoring 26 points and shooting 100 percent from the free throw line in all 40 minutes of play. In her senior year, the Trojans hope that Mazyck can repeat her success from previous seasons to lead the team to their first NCAA tournament appearance since the 2013-2014 season.center_img “This was my last USC-UCLA game,” Mazyck said. “Our pride was on the line. It’s hard to be positive when you’ve been losing, but we stayed positive and got positive results.” The Wildcats will look to even their conference record when they host USC, while the Sun Devils aim to extend their recent success after upsetting No. 9 Oregon State in a double-time thriller on Jan. 20. If the Trojans hope to beat both these teams, they will have to rely on senior guard Aliyah Mazyck and junior guard Minyon Moore to repeat their successes from Saturday. Against the Wildcats, the Trojans will have to pay attention to redshirt sophomore guard Aari McDonald, Arizona’s star player. In 18 games this season, McDonald has had a total of 449 points, 113 rebounds, and 45 steals. She is a force to reckoned with on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. As for the Sun Devils, they bring in key freshman guard Iris Mbulito. Also playing 18 games this season, Mbulito leads all Arizona State players in points, free throw percentage, and steals, with 265, .838, and 25, respectively. Moore was on fire in her last five games,, averaging 39.4 minutes played, 14 points and 5.4 rebounds per game. Against the Bruins, Moore had one of her best games, playing all 40 minutes and finishing with a double-double. The Women of Troy hope to win two more conference games this weekend when they travel to Arizona to take on the Wildcats this Friday at 6 p.m. and the Sun Devils this Sunday at 12 p.m.last_img read more

India’s Actresses Are Starting to Seize Their Own #MeToo Moment

first_imgOn her regular rounds of Bollywood casting studios, Mona Mathews says she will occasionally be asked: “Are you willing to compromise?”She says no, although if she were more ambitious, the 48-year-old belly dancer and aspiring actress says, she would have to say yes. For newcomers like her, with no surefire connections, the route to stardom has long involved submitting to expectations of sex.As allegations against powerful men pour out of Hollywood, Mathews is one of a handful of women breaking the silence in Bollywood, one of the world’s most prolific moviemaking centers. Rape and sexual abuse are as common here as anywhere, industry insiders say, but Indian women who speak out face an unusually high risk of losing their jobs and reputations, given the tendency to blame victims that extends even to the legal system.“People want to talk, but they are scared,” Mathews said. “They don’t want to be in the limelight for the wrong reasons. If women talk, other women will say: ‘This is a normal thing. Why is she making such a big fuss?’ ”Daisy Irani, now 67, spoke about her years as a child star — and what she says were multiple experiences of sexual abuse — at her home in Mumbai last month. Photo: Vidhi Doshi/The Washington Post)One of the few established celebrities to break ranks is Daisy Irani, a former child star from the 1950s and ’60s who last month alleged that she was raped at age 6 by a male guardian she called Uncle Nazar – a man who accompanied her to film shoots in other cities.“It happened only once,” she recalled in a recent interview. “I don’t remember anything, just pain and fear. I remember him saying, ‘If you tell anybody . . .’ ” she trailed off, wagging her finger.Irani’s story, splashed on the front page of the Mumbai Mirror newspaper, caused a sensation in India, where many people still recall the young actress onscreen, often playing a curly-haired boy.Irani, 68, said she was abused by many men throughout her career as a child star but did not tell anyone at the time because she did not realize how serious it was and did not think she would be believed.“Whoever felt they wanted to, would touch me,” she said. “Even if I had told the director, would he have cared?”She said she told her story to a journalist friend, Khalid Mohamed, last month when they were discussing the rape and sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo movement they triggered. “What’s the big deal?” she recalled telling him. “It happens a lot. It happened to me.”Mohamed’s astonished reaction, she said, made her realize that few people knew the gritty details of the sexual abuse that has long pervaded India’s movie industry, known worldwide for its sparkling costumes, colorful song-and-dance sequences and dramatic fight scenes. She said she often watched child performers on television song-and-dance competitions and wanted to warn parents about the dangers of early fame.As allegations trickle out from India’s image-conscious movie business, a few Bollywood women have shared the #MeToo hashtag on social media. According to Mahesh Bhatt, a prominent movie director, the charges against Weinstein have shaken the industry. But no one of Weinstein’s stature has been publicly accused of abuse.“I’m told by people that there are innumerable such characters here,” Bhatt said. “But here in India, there is a lot of victim blaming. If you have been propositioned, people will say you had it coming.”Former Bollywood actress and talk-show host Simi Garewal said it is unlikely that Bollywood’s influential men will ever undergo the same scrutiny as Hollywood’s. “In America, you have checks and balances,” she said. “Here, if you criticize a male star, you’re not going to get any roles.”India’s other movie industries – including Kollywood, Mollywood and Tollywood, which produce movies in the Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu languages, respectively – are also starting to open up about the treatment of women in the business. In the southern state of Kerala, a group of actresses launched a campaign against sexual abuse last year, months before the New York Times’ article on allegations against Weinstein, after an actress was abducted for two hours and sexually assaulted by four men in a car on her way home from dubbing a movie.In Chennai in February, actress Amala Paul lodged a police complaint against a businessman for harassing her during a dance rehearsal. Last week, actress Sri Reddy removed her top in front of the Movie Artistes’ Association building in the city of Hyderabad to protest directors’ preference for women from other parts of the country, who according to Reddy are more willing to trade sex for movie roles.Mathews, the newcomer Bollywood actress, said she is often invited to directors’ homes for private dinners – and turns them down knowing they usually come with the expectation of sexual favors. Once, she said, a movie director told her she would get a role in his movie in exchange for sex. Another time, she recalled, a casting director called and asked for pictures of her wearing a bikini and when she refused said, “Okay, can you send it with your head cut off?”Men here are also victims. Leading Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh said on Garewal’s talk show, “India’s Most Desirable,” that he had been propositioned by a gay casting director early in his career.“He was a small-time casting agent,” Singh told Garewal. He asked, “Tell me, darling, are you a smart worker or are you a hard worker?” The agent then began asking more explicit questions, Singh said.Rishi Bhattacharya, a 27-year-old actor using an umbrella between auditions to protect his skin from the sun, said such incidents were common. He recalled one casting agent who invited him to a seedy venue, refused to show him a script, and proceeded to kiss and touch him inappropriately.“I felt awkward,” Bhattacharya said. “I said, ‘I respect your feelings, but I can’t fulfill your desires because I’m straight.’ ”India’s regressive attitudes toward women became the focus of international attention after the horrific gang rape of a physiotherapy student in New Delhi in 2012. The incident galvanized a feminist movement across the country.Rape and sexual misconduct are rampant in India, Irani said, and are part of a wider problem of women being seen as inferior to men.“In our country, a mother tells a girl that she won’t get to eat until her brother eats,” she said. “We put men on a pedestal. They don’t want to come down.”(c) 2018, The Washington Post  Related Itemslast_img read more

Marvel Studios unveils casting details Doctor Strange trailer and Brie

first_imgBrie Larson on stage with the Marvel Studios cast members. #SDCC2016 pic.twitter.com/ACEQBRh6PV— Ben Kendrick (@benkendrick) July 24, 2016Whoa. What just happened? And why don’t we have a Guardians Vol. 2 trailer for all of us yet? Marvel want its San Diego Comic-Con panel to be different. Whereas other panels had people rotating out from behind a table, Marvel had only chairs. No table means no name tags, as if to subtly say: you know us, we’re the Marvel Cinematic Universe.Kevin Feige started the panel by unveiling a new Marvel Studios fanfare and logo and promising that they only come to Hall H if there is a lot to show… this year, Marvel decided to keep their video goodies inside Hall H. Most of the information given to us internet masses were logos and casting news.Presentación del nuevo logo de #MarvelStudios con la música compuesta por Michael Giacchino #MarvelSDCC #SDCC2016 https://t.co/e9q79hrb7i— Alejandro Plaza (@Jango1138) July 24, 2016 Kicking things off was Black Panther, scheduled for release February 16 2018.Director Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther hasn’t even started shooting, but they’re getting ready to. Coogler brought out his cast and we got to learn some character names: Black Panther himself Chadwick Boseman, rumored but now confirmed Michael B. Jordan as Erik Killmonger, Danai Gurira is Okoye (head of the Dora Milaje, Wakanda’s elite guard), and Lupita Nyong’o who is playing Nakia (also a Dora Milaje). Buried in the #GotGVol2 footage is a shot of Sylvester Stallone squaring off against Yondu in a Ravager coat #SDCC2016— JJ Duncan | @SDCC (@jjduncan) July 24, 2016And Brie Larson is playing Captain Marvel!There was a whole panel of Ravager aliens introducing cast members before they even got to those highlights.Then the panel was over in a huge group photo microphone drop. Michael Rooker on stage in Yondu costume. Clip: Yondu, Rocket, and Baby Groot escape the Ravagers. Yondu takes down at least fifty guys.— Ben Kendrick (@benkendrick) July 24, 2016Afterwards, Michael Rooker came out in full costume as Yondu, who will be part of the Guardians this time (like his character was in the comics and like Geek.com told you in January). Also like his comics counterpart, Rooker’s Yondu was sporting a full fin coming up off of his head. The question and answer portion with the cast involved moderator Chris Hardwick probing Kurt Russell about what character he’s playing and Kurt responding: “You’re lucky when you get to play a memorable well-written character and I hope this one is memorable.”The unexpected announcement from a Marvel Studios panel was a video announcement that Guardians of the Galaxy are coming to Disneyland California Adventure in ride from in Galaxy Mission Breakout. The ride will feature the Guardians from the movie and Benicio Del Toro reprising his role as The Collector. Mission Breakout will take over for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Some detail shots of the Gladiator #Hulk Armor. #MarvelSDCC pic.twitter.com/oqaBflGAo7— Ryan Penagos (@AgentM) July 23, 2016Director Scott Derrickson’s Doctor Strange comes out November 4 and is the next installment in the MCU. Stephen Strange himself, Benedict Cumberbatch, was in attendance and caused quite a stir when his entrance was accompanied by theatrical smoke. Also from the Doctor Strange cast: Tilda Swinton (The Ancient One), Rachel McAdams, Mads Mikkelsen, and Benedict Wong.Since Doctor Strange is so close, Marvel showed a clip from the movie where Stephen Strange meets Swinton’s The Ancient One for the first time. While Hall H got the exclusive clip, the internet was given the second trailer:Jon Watts and Tom Holland showed up to promote Spider-Man: Homecoming, which was sort of a surprise because Homecoming is a co-production with Sony Pictures. Homecoming is currently in production in Atlanta, but amazingly, there was footage shown that ended with a reveal of The Vulture swooping down toward the camera. The Vulture is Homecoming’s villain!After the footage, Holland was excited, having not seen the completed Vulture tease before. With that, more Homecoming cast came on stage: Jacob Batalon, Laura Harrier, Tony Revolori, and Zendaya. The cast took some photos, then had to return to keep shooting the movie.James Gunn came out next to promote his sequel and final Marvel film to get the spotlight during the panel: Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2. Gunn seemed high energy and suddenly full-costumed Ravagers and recognizable Taserface stormed Hall H.center_img To end the Guardians portion of the show, they debuted a new trailer with a new soundtrack that finally revealed Kurt Russell’s role: Star Lord’s father… Ego the living planet?!?!!We told you so.Not only that, Sylvester Stallone is in this movie! Ravagers onstage heckling the audience #GuardiansoftheGalaxy vol2 #MarvelSDCC pic.twitter.com/rp72dYpKAG— JoBlo.com (@joblocom) July 24, 2016After they mocked the audience and the Guardians, Chris Pratt showed up to cheers (was mocked by the Ravagers as well) and was joined by Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan, Dave Bautista, Pom Klementieff (Mantis), and Elizabeth Debicki. Kurt Russell came out to huge cheers (but no character name introduction). Then, it was time for a clip from Guardians Vol. 2. BLACK PANTHER CAST SO EXXITING OMGKFKFNFNRNRJDKD #SDCC #MarvelSDCC pic.twitter.com/G5jIE0SxmX— dazyndara (@dazyndara) July 24, 2016Thor: Ragnarok has only been shooting for two weeks in Austrailia, but director Taika Waititi did direct a short film of what Thor was doing during Civil War. Apparently he moved in with a normal guy and has a conspiracy board about what the Infinity Stones are.After the humorous short, some concept art was shown that included Thor with his hair cut, Hulk wearing his gladiator armor – PLANET HULK STYLE – (that was unveiled earlier in the day on the convention floor and was a tidbit Geek.com revealed back in January), Hela (Cate Blanchett!), and Surtur, a demon villain that we hadn’t know was going to show up!last_img read more