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Although classified information networks are popular, they still need to be developed

the daily necessities of life in people’s daily life are a constant topic, and these topics have also been heated up because of the well-being of the people. In 2002, a web portal opened up a web page for people’s livelihood on the Internet. It worked for the people and worked for the welfare of the people. This event was Chinese CCTV news as example reports, so time just a month after the report, the website also click on the rapid rise, soaring, as of 2008, the site of the online edition of the people’s livelihood "page was named Chinese Internet brand page, we can see that the people’s livelihood convenient the web service is deeply welcomed by the masses. read more

A successful website needs a clear goal

started to contact the website from 2002 to the present, there are 7 years, 7 years, made a total of 5 sites, including a blog, 2 shopping mall, and the 2 forum, here in order to say the next course along the way.

in 2002, was still a sophomore, one day the teacher said that in the past, there is a network company to promote their products, can independent construction site, free of charge, the teacher want us to build a website on the Internet as a communication tool, as the monitor of course I bound the next time this task the domain name has not remember, in the later half of the year, I have been doing this website, actually according to the current understanding is a blog, what are the major class activities will be written in the above, a very simple procedure, but because there is no renewal, in addition to the students are not accustomed to every day to see the landing site so it finally disappeared. (or stand in the corridor with a roar easily embarrassed ~). read more

Analysis of What and how about category operation


article mainly describes what category operations are and how to do well in category operations. To share with you, we hope to inspire you.

Internet operations are mainly divided into active operations, user operations, product operations, new media operations and other major sections, according to different responsibilities, but also evolved more segments of the operating position. Today we are going to talk about a niche operation.

Why does

say he’s special? Because in many Internet Co and no such jobs, only the electricity supplier companies will be established. read more

A push jianglikun on team management of the road network

guest profile: people living outside the territory are now living in Beijing. Domestic well-known network marketing experts, network marketing consultants, network marketing trainer, public marketing organization "blue beacon" members, well-known marketing website "push a" founder. Engaged in the Internet industry for more than nine years, long-term commitment to website planning, operations, network marketing, SEM/SEO and other aspects of research and practice.

in the past few years, Mr. Jiang Likun for thousands of websites, enterprises have made free diagnosis and advice, so that these enterprises and websites deeply benefit. The founder of the "push Network Marketing Institute has accumulated hundreds of people trained, produced a number of the Internet elite, which has more than a dozen people, has served as director of the company, the Department Director, operations director and other positions, and even has become a network to promote the field of household expert. Jiang Likun’s detailed description: http://baike.Baidu.com/view/2078219.htm read more

Luxury electricity supplier history of prosperity and decline restructuring is still very difficult

just saw a message in his friend’s circle: "actually, buying Apple watch isn’t important at all.". Just be happy, simple day is fine. People can not live too vain ", then life is attached below the picture map, focus on the identity of" · Apple Watch EDITION from Xuzhou; "this man should be fun, whether to buy or not to buy him, one thing is clear: he was concerned with the science of luxury goods are (that apple watch is not a luxury please detour consciously). Enron today is not talking about Apple watch, but luxury electricity supplier. read more

On the road to success of vertical sites most of the Encyclopedia


web site name

web site type

income (yuan)


Amoy **









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Ali mother window Promotion Week list released the list top 10 (to avoid promotion. This list displays only the site of the first letter, the fifth is the most Encyclopedia)

and most encyclopedia sites in the world ranking of Alexa is more than 2000 and steadily rise, Baidu road is 62197 ~ 80319 IP, 24 hours included the amount of up to 39800. read more

Zhang Jiakun teach you how to subscribe to information that does not provide RSS sites!

today, many CMS systems do not have RSS subscriptions, which makes their web sites unable to be subscribed by users and can not work with sites with RSS subscriptions. This will undoubtedly become a promotion of the webmaster of a soft underbelly.

recently I love the frogs (yaawa.com) subscription tools, its value is RSS can be used conveniently to my blog, BBS, e-mail, laggards, stationmaster net trading forum all the latest information easily aggregated into a comprehensive home page I, always pay attention to the latest information this website. But there is a so I have been very upset about is that I focus on sites such as: webmaster nets, Adsense stand, the two owners of such sites do not subscribe to RSS tools, it is not I want to see every day they went to the site to understand the latest news today? Not found the knock on the door, I can use such a tool, so no RSS website can also subscribe to their information, and this method is applicable to any website, welcome you to learn, through this method, if your site has no RSS address, then quickly generate a! Provide more convenience for your users. read more

Talking about the construction of website content and thinking of building station for over 1 years

a lot of people are very focused on the site planning, and the construction site of the chain and so on, however, a site can long-term profitability, still depends on the content of the website, so I also talk about web site optimization "a few thoughts on the construction of the content of the website"

: the first has been put forward, the content is king, no matter what time is not out of date, I believe that many webmaster friends have to do to lose weight, breast, skin care products of the Tao, the practice is also very simple, is often a single page of the war, a website 2-3 is not competitive fierce words, just to get some content, often ranking is good, there is a certain income, this approach in 09-10 years may be included and Baidu can give a good ranking. But by 2011, it would have been impossible to copy some junk content and get a long-term stable ranking on the chain, read more

The website acceleration artist and front end developer is also critical

generally speaking, the acceleration of websites is considered by most people as the responsibility of back-end developers and systems management. This view is not entirely correct because a high-performance web site depends not only on the back end of the site, but also on the front end of the site, that is, it relies on both the artist and the front-end developer.

in fact, as far as the current network environment is concerned, when we browse the normal web sites, the 10-20%, which is usually time consuming, is used at the back end, and the remaining 80-90% is consumed by the front end. So, if you plan to speed up your site, you might want to get the artists and front-end developers to consider the following aspects as well as optimizing the back end. I believe you may sigh, little knife Ge can effectively enhance the site’s performance. read more

The relationship between knowledge of enterprise station operators and SEO


through continuous optimization of site is mainly through the enterprise site, although in recent years the popularity of the Internet, enterprises are aware there should be a website of their own, and also realize the enterprise website to promote and optimize the. Many enterprises in the enterprise website construction and operators, the general process is shown in the following figure, we can see from the chart, after the enterprise web site, the web site operators, enterprises are faced with two choices, either is entrusted to the special network company, or their own operations. According to the author in recent years, contact with customers, their operations enterprise site enterprise is not a minority. You will need operation, operation personnel, operations personnel come from, many small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises as well as small and micro service enterprises, are from the original staff part-time website operation, work or leisure time, send the news, send post or send link. This phenomenon is not a case, but a more common phenomenon. It is because of the universal phenomenon that it has created such a rule: there is a connection between the operators of the enterprise, the knowledge background and the choice of SEO methods, and the SEO effect. read more

Online customer service system for Jabber basic applications

few days without wood made a few articles about jabber in ADMIN5, to promote such an agreement, a im civilian road, said quite empty doesn’t necessarily have friends believe, so in the future the article will gradually and we discuss the application of jabber. It should be said that the basis of the application of jabber is that there are many models, suitable for a variety of instant messaging software, can according to your own need to develop their own personalized software and function, the wood will in future articles and discussion, today and everyone to discuss online customer service system jabber service based application. read more

Why should I build my own blog

I’ve always wanted to own a website, this wish in my contact with the network, especially with the blog after have such a desire, at that time always feel, with those big web blog template is really rich, but no matter how you get to get to the final, or someone. Freely give people free to work, there is, as the blog, traffic sources are opaque, they can not put statistical code, where exactly is the visitor, I did not know, just know that every day the data increased a little at a time.

I have been a very comprehensive information to the station, from literature to entertainment, everything, self appreciation for more than a year, most of the traffic is Baidu, Baidu and Google was now almost as long as the page, it is included, upload a forum program no, content, it also gives you the results included hundreds of. Now only know, when their own construction called garbage station things, now the construction of such web pages, in addition to bring you some traffic, there is no significance. read more

Taobao shop with what Taobao tools better

is now operating in Taobao business, not only need to have a good product, has the quality of service, but also need to apply to the natural Taobao tools. In short, in addition to Taobao marketing tools and features a large background, Taobao also provides tools for you to choose if you want to use, you can find the vast sea, there are a large number of tools of Taobao marketing tool, which is suitable for very good grasp.

simple suggestion:

1, the preferred tool provided by the official Taobao read more

Network promotion brings me wealth

do not know how to understand at the beginning of last year, still do not know what the SEO is, with mass software as "machine gun" everywhere indiscriminately, it can be said that in my hand the website information is flying.

although I have not so far to the success of the operation of a station, but the process of the failure, can be said to be my life’s wealth, for the promotion and operation of the site in the process of failure. I get some experience:

number 1: promoting read more

New sites do not rely on Baidu, a week traffic rose to 50 thousand IP


wrote this topic, he hesitated several times, afraid of being scolded by his friends who could not understand it. Of course, here is a garbage dump up a week, the regular industry station also have to slowly develop.

want to learn friends continue to see, do not want to see the waste of a few seconds of your time, sorry.

got 50 thousand IP, not casually said, is to do it yourself, in order to avoid AD suspects, I do not say the url. Because the afternoon to send a friend to the railway station, he completely bid farewell to the webmaster career, go to the south to work, and watch him go, I feel very heavy, just like a comrade fell down like. read more

The impact of server interrupts on the site and its handling

server interruption, resulting in no site site, ranking nothing, if in the shortest possible time to recover, the following to do a brief introduction!!!


the following content is the actual situation of www.jackjones-china.com website, if restore, introduce

one by one

1. analyzes the reasons for the shutdown of the web server and the shortest possible time to restore it, and promptly contact the server vendor.

jackjones web site due to the same server web site involving illegal content, the network supervision department monitoring sampling, short-term can not open. read more

Web Designer the atmosphere website is made this way

as the site construction threshold is getting lower and lower, providing website construction, web design companies, studios, individuals all crowded in the entire network built in the big pond, it can be described as wolf, sheep less. But now, more and more clever "sheep", Zhengzhou network designers, heard the most and most troublesome word – I want to air some…………

what is the atmosphere and "what is learned? On the general type of enterprise display site for example, finishing part of the information given, welcome paizhuan. read more

Bulk mail promotion technology big secret

believe that many webmaster is lazy, I believe that many owners have used bulk mail to spread over the site, also believe that most of the webmaster all think that if the bulk mail is sent out into the inbox and the effect is obvious. Then how to send out the mail? How to enter the inbox? How does the mail server decide your spam? I talk about this problem according to my experience of more than one month of sending mail.

first, let’s talk about the two ways to send mail. One is DNS express mail, one is through the SMTP server, or the relay server. What is the use of DNS express mail out online directly send the DNS server through the SMTP server, which is not through the SMTP, 126.com, smtp.tom.com, so the letter name can literally take, the sender’s e-mail can also be easily, so it can be anonymous. In this way, you can say, then, we can use this DNS server has always been issued ah. Wrong。 For example, we send it to QQ or to 126, and their servers can be judged that the letter was sent from DNS. Foxmail is the function of DNS express mail, but only a single send, you send it to the QQ mailbox, it is into the dustbin, and then a few more, it can not be received directly. Currently on the market a lot of mail mass or use this technology, I would say, DNS mass has been no good. The success rate is very low. Software is a flicker of people. read more

Intellectual property day to talk about personal video site in the future

following the beauty picture station, the film and television station once again set off a wave of Internet frenzy. Ever since Marx CMS, almost every old stationmaster has a movie station in his hand. Many new people do the first stop, maybe the movie station. Today is intellectual property day, so I will talk about the survival situation and development direction of TV station. You don’t mind, telling their own stories, have said something wrong, please teach me one or two.

movie station number: search for "free movies", from the amount of feedback information, Baidu search related pages of about 24000000 articles, Google about 5050000. And hidden behind these data are K or not included in the number, at least 10 times more than the search data. So many people are staring at the movie, how much do you think you can get, read more

Analysis of several methods for mining high quality chain resources

Baidu now pay more and more attention to the quality of the chain, then as a member of the SEO chain, how can we get the high quality of the chain? I’m sure most of the webmaster is a headache for the chain resources. Every day only know to a few big platform above release, so you can really work? I feel there are many owners have been discovered, the chain should focus on "wide", not only in the above several platforms. Even if these platform weight is very high, also can second closed, so, as long as you frequent in this release, will inevitably cause your outside chain accumulation. We all know that the chain of accumulation, the current blow is very strong, and you drop the right or site is K. Therefore, as a SEO optimizer, have to learn some mining high quality outside the chain of technology, today ourmoonseo BBS webmaster will introduce some mining methods of the chain, we want to help. read more