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Ali mother will be closed to remove Ali advertising Adsense accountTencent public space created sail

Four trends of

received reply mail on September 28th:

then think, did not think Ali mother can do anything. However, I was wrong, oh, sh419 and Ali want to be in a long time is an enemy, would you attack my block, stationmaster miserable ah, caught in the middle! This is caught in the middle of the feeling of no pleasure! Said the following I encounter.

share in the public record of the conference focused on ecological "public record?" sub forum, the mobile Internet business group Tencent vice president Hou Xiao Nan, a comprehensive introduction to the Tencent Inc for Internet plus innovation and create new ecological six open system. At the same time, by the Tencent public record space, Zhejiang TV together, Tencent village title, inviting "win in Chinese" team together to create the business reality show "I am the founder" is also published in the forum, attracted Luzhou Lao Jiao Group Chairman Zhang Liang, StarVC founder Quan Ren, the dream time movie company founder and chairman Lu Gengxu. Guest stars, to participate in the program. read more

Actively explore the fairness and justice in the field of nternet search

on the Internet website in the field contains a lot of classification, and different times have different representative, from the enterprise to the public platform to the forum, blog and classification of information and micro-blog and so on, the development stage of these development path is roughly marked Chinese Internet users and Internet China, here we do not worth discussing just mention. These we have no reference, this small article in the search engine as an example, everyone thinking and talking about the Internet platform of fairness and justice. Why to choose the search engine to discuss? Because the search engine from the Internet to now has been an important way for us to ordinary users to get information on the Internet, the field of energy greatly, regardless of the type of website is almost not the search function. read more

Click on the principle of unreliable all rankings are clouds

in fact, we found that using artificial click keywords ranking can go up, but the time is very short, usually click up, two or three days will restore the "prototype", because there are many defects in many websites, do not fully comply with the user experience, when the site in the first row and how? When the user into the discovery site no what substantive things, will opt out of the website, so that a search engine will think this site is not what the value of the site; and the really good website, it does not need to manually click specially will go up, not afraid of the lane, Shanghai Dragon tools like the Chinaz, the previous search Shanghai dragon ranking it not so good, but the real needs of users, slowly at the front line, even once to replace the Shanghai dragon why forum row Name. read more

Have no effect Your Shanghai dragon is the time to adjust the strategy

3, the so-called URL, ranking the clear geometry, you

if a classification of indexed pages is very small, this is the site of the problem, then you need to Shanghai Longfeng practitioners on the existing situation, submit url, released the chain work content is the next direction Oh! Ps: if the site collection is too small, you can try to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform in search tool included the green channel, the effect is absolutely make you amazing



even if your site traffic has been in the peer leader in the ranks, for large Boss, or increased space, so that Shanghai Longfeng practitioners can only keep thinking, how to break through the existing traffic, greatly increase? For small words, to take over the Hefei talent network, all aspects of the data it is quite optimistic, compared to those without optimized sites, a month passed so quietly, the data increase or not too obvious, then Boss can be nasty, Xiaobian suddenly realized that before I can adjust the strategy of Shanghai dragon. read more

On the fly Wangzhuan executionThe stationmaster talked about the five sins of Ali’s mother

2. flicker advertising provider. That the Alibaba and Taobao customers, is the cycle operation, in fact they are in turn to earn your money, do they like to give you the money way, one thing to learn to Ma, is not to let each earn money, hard money squeeze customers. Push you to fire

today fly about Wangzhuan "execution", because the morning with a new Wangzhuan chat, he also just contact Wangzhuan this industry, chatted some Wangzhuan project and understanding of Wangzhuan chat he repeatedly said, he is not "execution", which for a network to make people, can use the "execution" of a word to express themselves on the behavior of Wangzhuan is very good. The friend of Wangzhuan also has a period of time, a lot of Wangzhuan forum and website stationmaster, also read many articles, see the purpose is to find a suitable network project. Because he has been at home now, has not found a suitable job, he is anxious feeling in the conversation, but now his attitude to Wangzhuan is more and more chaotic feeling, don’t know exactly where to start, I told him that some projects can be done, he didn’t want to know. Just take a wait-and-see attitude, didn’t do, like in the hands of the stock, do not know when to buy and sell. read more

What kind of alliance is good LeagueA college programmer’s money making process

2., a good League usually has a connection. If you don’t even leave a union, do you still think he’s an alliance?


from the beginning of playing games, to open the game studio, brush gold brush equipment to make money, to the final awareness of the game writing aid software is the most relaxed and direct online game money making means. Everybody knows, open a popular online game studio income is considerable, but it is also very tired. When I play the game to know a friend to open the studio, he said his monthly income of over 20 thousand, but only about 4 hours a day of rest, 3 basic all-weather keep in front of the computer, and do not say to the body is destroyed, so all day staring at the computer to do the same thing but also a lot of people not accepted. And a popular game with the passage of time and decline, gamers will continue to drain, the studio’s profits can only be short-term profits. read more

15 2010 to beware of scam WangzhuanPush media network soft text release package soft text Market

four: recruitment network typist, daily 130

1: free Witkey earn money

this is an ancient scam, but there are still novice fooled, because this project is really attractive, typing can make money, online idle you inevitably heart. But the outcome is very miserable, you will find that this project needs to get the so-called signature, use your mobile phone mobile phone fee deducted result? A half, then exclaimed: Mom, put the mobile phone fraud, Lao Tzu fees cheat light. In order to cheat your mobile phone fee, this method of damage will come out, > read more

Ma Yunjian platform Nishitani talent get through the e commerce industry chainCurrent methods comm

asked: you founded Valley network marketing portal is the original

at present, valley network marketing portal has a variety of network marketing, network marketing information, network marketing strategy, plan, site operators, shop by.

asked: do you think the west is a site like

After the start of !

as a network marketing industry veteran, what he thinks, think, let us share Chen Liang’s "network dream"".

Valley is a network marketing portal, "for the enterprise network marketing and personnel assistance" for the purpose, the popularity of Internet marketing knowledge transfer network marketing, network marketing talent aggregation. read more

Talk about the small station doing GG money making experienceWhat kind of stick do you have on the w

, I’ll talk to you about the experience of small money making hope prawns don’t laugh at me:

1. Be familiar with and understand the GG rule, which is at the very least, too

my present station design is very simple, there are few pictures on it, and there is only one kind of advertisement on the stand, that is GG

the day before yesterday, on Donews in the Liu Ren post, a Lenovo to some recent issues of thinking, and see related research, so the back of Liu Ren’s post made a sigh. The statement is not always accurate, but it is a very important and urgent problem to be discussed. Here again, and exchange with you. read more

The application of the whole process of shlf1314 Adsense striking one snag after anotherWhy would yo

in June, I applied for Adsense with this website. But it was also rejected…

– your website is not rich enough, and the AdSense program requires a lot of content from your web site. Please refine your content first.


knows shlf1314 Adsense is a long time, but my network is a pot of gold to Ali’s mother.

of course, there are some exceptions. For example, Liu Qiangdong, the founder of the country’s most famous Jingdong, was born in the countryside. Isn’t that a negative example, read more

App Store developer groups Dream plump skinny realityPV Alliance Qiao tiger Commission rose

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

, everybody:

"taking money to buy a house is a real waste."."

in China, how many people are stepping into the developer team? Yes, 1 million. 70% of them are in Android and 20% in apple. The speed of this astonishing population growth, the influx of entrepreneurs in an unbroken line wave endless wave, even the dream is full, the reality is very skinny. In 2009, apple programmer flourishes legend, now seems so far, for most developers, like the road of wealth thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers in the fight, but zhichitianya. read more

A fresh entrepreneur’s readme fresh in the three or four line city the ultimate destination is the

lead: in the real shop fresh damage rate is very high, about 1/3. The fruit of Maori is very high, the purchase price of 1.8 grapes can buy 3.3, but after deducting damage and sale processing part of the profit is very low.

fresh electricity supplier or start from the local relatively good, personally feel that the national scale is quite difficult to do. The main difficulty is logistics, now even the fastest SF and Jingdong, in Shanghai and Beijing this city can do the day of arrival, but if you like three lines of small city where I Handan was also the fastest to the next day. Fresh fruit as well, demand is relatively weak, and may one day does not matter, but most of the day to eat vegetables, even the fastest logistics can not do. Even if they do, the cost is quite large, the cost will inevitably lead to price increases, most of the three or four line cities are more sensitive to the price. read more

Round table discussion competition and strategy facing vertical social productsSteadfast do stand s

the vertical social entrepreneur is how to cut social from the relative vertical field, how to identify their competitors and potential competitors? How to build their own moat? How the future strategic direction, at the end of the salon of the roundtable discussion session, members entrepreneurs to share their views. NetEase science and technology, NetEase science and technology sponsored by the Wudaokou salon thirty-fifth, November 30th afternoon in Tsinghua Science park. The theme of "vertical social, science and technology NetEase invited tenderness CEO Freya Lim. Next to CEO, Liu Jinlong, course lattice, CEO, Li Tianfang, Zank, CEO, Ling extremely, and Blink CEO Shi Kaiwen to the scene to share. read more

What about shlf1314 from AdsenseThe ten rule lets you do the movie station

summed up, there are a few points to note.

three, using CMS system

A, few, things, first:,

one, choose a good domain name

five, selected keywords

requirements will be CSS+XHTML, no, you can go to see free tutorials, it is not difficult, three days you can start, slowly.

The acquisition of

domain name, space is also a must, novice to use virtual host is enough, the movie station 1G space collection resources, or if the dynamic pseudo static 500M is enough, it is best not to limit the flow of space between 300-1000, IIS, cpu5% or so, as this configuration space 300–400 in this range, the price is not too high, do not be afraid to spend money, cheap space problems, often not open, the domain name can be K. read more

90 after hot pot beauty business a year valuation of 20 million Website alliance to make money expe

in her childhood memories, fish is not only a delicious food, but also a kind of emotional sustenance.

in the winter meal, fish love shrimp but contrarian rise, win investment company 20 million valuation.

at that time, she and her boyfriend get 80 thousand yuan a fish Hot pot shop, her business is called "all genzhaoganjiaozou": from the store, decoration, to the official business, just one month time, the results also did not have time to figure out how to manage money, has spent more than half. read more

Taobao union cheating station and garbage station rampant rampant the real reasonMake good use of t

reluctant to spend this money can also, you will work fast, constantly update your resources, so that your resources can always be displayed on the resources library lobby home page, this method in its revision before the effect is better. before the revision shows a member of all the resources bar, so you have updated, the whole hall is your personal information, but the revised lobby shows that one person only displays one on the front page.

of course, as long as a little understanding of the network people know, do network marketing, you do not want to move your head, even if the platform is good choice, but also basically a decoration. After paying the money, how can we use all the resources available on the platform to package and sell ourselves?. read more

Li Kaifu 20 years old entrepreneurship is not too farThe train of thought determines the way out sh

as a Taobao customer, I often tell myself that it is not to be afraid of competition, but that there is no competition. Competition means that there is a market, and it is a good signal for us. As for the competitive market, how we are going to sell it is another matter. It may involve technology and strategy. For example, women’s clothing, women’s shoes, weight loss, breast enhancement, these are popular, the market is very hot, but every day there are still a large number of webmaster to do these words. And some of them are well paid. So, first of all, don’t be afraid, have confidence, many webmaster also believe in Taobao, but every time when the competition is fierce, maybe give up, it’s a pity. read more

Magic box advertising platform has been revised version of the lineDry goods 20 financing advice fro

              magic box, advertising platform, new advertising – magic box, network, electronic album and dream lottery.

respected stationmaster brothers and sisters, everybody is good!

       ;       now register! Magic box advertising platform address: http://s.u.molihe

too high or too low

              the data is always displayed, let you always know your income!

you have to be a happy person and look for happy people when you hire people. Any investor wants to know two things: 1. you are a passionate and motivated person. 2., the people you work with are the same. No matter what stage your business is developing, you should hire positive people. A positive team means that the team is full of motivation at work, and that they have their own ideals and pursuits, which are important drivers of success. – Brian Scuda> read more

Open online shop to make virtual money now open shop need how much moneyThrough the rate of only 20

recently encountered a lot of friends to ask Taobao to open a virtual step, I will combine with my Taobao experience to share with you some of my experience, hope to be able to give you some inspiration.

might be interested in being a virtual Taobao friend, and there are several advantages to understanding virtual Taobao. First, low cost, low risk, do virtual Taobao only need to represent a few hundred dollars of virtual recharge software, you can operate virtual goods online, such as prepaid recharge, game coin recharge, etc.. Two is the high yield quick results, in charge of Taobao calls friends all know, such as the $100 prepaid card, prepaid price in Taobao is mostly about 99 yuan, and 100 yuan recharge in the virtual recharge software cost is 98 yuan, although the price is not high to earn. But from a long-term perspective, when learning to enrich the experience of Taobao promotion, will know the virtual Taobao’s biggest source of profits is the virtual recharge software itself, will be a few hundred dollars to buy back the software, endless promotion out, this is the virtual Taobao the most attractive source of profit. In addition to operating virtual goods, the virtual recharge software can also provide a large number of physical goods, for the majority of stores choose shelves. Do not understand, you can add my 381713669 professional guidance, novice shop, package teaching package will be. read more

Several guest a good way to promoteFive ask for Wangzhuan novice do you really understand it

if you want to do Wangzhuan well, first you have to ensure that their this industry has the potential of sustainable development. Because, after all, thinking about long-term development, there is not enough market, we are difficult to survive in the webmaster or other industries. The single mode just as popular now, some friends will have the ability in Witkey website or A5 forum for some tasks to do, earn some extra money in his spare time, this is a good Wangzhuan form, but if it is a sustainable development of the industry to look, appear a bit too far fetched as we all know, Witkey websites offer small tasks is generally a few dollars, A5 or other webmaster forum tasks better, can reach hundreds of pieces, but these two kinds of Wangzhuan form are not let our long walk, first we have no confidence in myself. Because the two modes are passive business to find yourself, rather than take the initiative to seek their own business, if a forum for a week are not suitable to do list, then we have to drink the northwest wind? So easy to recommend early Wangzhuan, constant casual contact can, in this period accumulate experience and confidence, but when they really do Wangzhuan, or according to their own special choice of a long line industry, so as to stabilize the good work. read more