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Community 3 can defeat the giant’s grassroots channel power

some people say: Mobile Internet, application is king; some people say: Mobile Internet, content is king; there are people say: Mobile Internet: channel is king; I said: Mobile Internet, community 3 is king. Community 3 will help grassroots entrepreneurs build their own channels and beat giant channel controls in the community.

in the era of rampant tycoons, business will become more difficult, difficult. Entrepreneurs lack R & D technology, funding, manpower, channels, and professional operational knowledge and systems. Grassroots entrepreneurs lack too much. It seems that the mobile Internet has only been born for the giant, just for the rich and handsome, just for the rich two generations. The mobile Internet has been badly mutilated grappling, makes a lot of entrepreneurs team battle soldiers, have rich resources, big two rich generation entrepreneurs. read more

The webmaster will test your ability with a single page first

recently with some webmaster chat, some are quasi webmaster, want to do web site, but don’t know what kind of good, don’t know how to do.

here, before you throw yourself into the vast army, I’ll pour cold water on you first. Because, as far as I know, very few personal Adsense will be profitable, in the profitability of the webmaster group, very few people are not through efforts. This effort is a long time, a few months, or even years, every day, do some monotonous dull matter, very few people can persist, but insist on down, are successful. read more

Secret closed Whisper months live 10 million anonymous social gap is so big

today, Secret announced the same day, put up the shutters; Whisper appointed a new vice president of Mark Troughton, and announced that the number of monthly active users reached 10 million, more than 1 million times per hour to open the application, this is also the first Whipser announced its user data. Whether this is intentional face or coincidence, we all wonder, anonymous social development today, Whisper on what to do, or to say, what Secret wrong? Here is a possibility:

Two different read more

The future of live broadcast sites

tried for 2 years and didn’t make a decent stop. 1 months ago, a fan told me, "there are no channels on TV at home. We can’t watch the game. It’s painful."." I’ve sprouted the idea of a live station,


technology is simple.

interface is very fresh.

traffic is not at all.

, I’m lost again. Should I give up,


I compared with other types of station, the other station is not more than AD, it is a mess, I don’t put Bo public house long, advertising, and sub directory and the main directory closely, but people always flow more than me. read more

Webmaster Music Webmaster RAP

webmaster network first. I hope everyone can support!


I don’t know. What’s your ranking,


have the same trouble,


site completed, found no traffic

just knows, search engines are especially important,.

, how are you these years,


is it annoying to Baidu occasionally,


and the rankings in Google, have you been dropping

all the time?

as long as your domain name is older, the chain is also quite a lot,

, what words are hard to crack,


all websites do

in your hand

as long as you have a good structure, the optimization is earlier, read more

Personal point of view free building platform can really use it

on the Internet, we often can see a lot of free station platform, the platform free website is not really free? Whether can meet you? I see sina on Baidu answers, ask many friends said, 30% friends think it is not desirable. Free building platform really can use it? The following to explain to you, only on behalf of personal views, as to how to choose and accept, please consider your own.

first we need to understand a little difference between free website platform and free website, everyone knows that there could be no free products, but does not mean that there is no free platform, it is like life in the entertainment venues, such as parks, squares, library, is an open platform, does not mean no the meaning of. The free platform is only open to the friend who wants to set up a website, but doesn’t know how to do it, or does not want to spend too much time and money. It is a place for study, like books and tubes. Online free platform for many stations, including BAIDU, GOOGLE and other large search engines also provide their own free platform. These free functions have been able to meet the basic requirements of individuals or small and medium-sized enterprises, and the rational use of them has made no difference to everyone. On the contrary, it has also received unexpected results. read more

nternet Co sea wave behind the start up companies how to do

lead: in the mobile Internet era, more and more Chinese companies from product innovation, operational innovation, R & D innovation and market innovation began to lead the trend in the global context."

October 8th, Mobvista announced the acquisition of NetEase capital of ten million U.S. dollars A round of financing, since last year set off a sea boom, another ten million U.S. dollars to buy overseas mobile advertising platform. Recently, the reporter linked to the entrepreneur and founder of Mobvista CEO Wei, asked him to analyze the reasons behind this wave of sea wave of China Internet Corporation, South East Asia market experience and suggestions for the sea to startups. read more

An optimistic 2009 web game market

in the context of the economic crisis, the various websites for survival, by virtue of the Internet low-cost advantage of price war. It is expected that in the second quarter of 2009, when a large number of Internet media closed down and died, the Internet advertising price system will collapse, and the value of web game media will not be further reflected and excavated. "The game is the Internet winter food for many people view widely recognized, but to really implement very difficult game industry, the water is very deep, the lack of game operation experience is easy to be used in the experiment of mice. read more

Airbnb the failure and greatness of a rental website next

value user experience, Airbnb rapid development of

at the same time, the social media environment is changing. People are increasingly enjoying sharing their ideas and photos on social media, almost unimaginable in the last ten years. Also, we know that the United States had just emerged from a recession dilemma, also let the people at the time of consumption not as wasteful, online shopping has become a consumer of their love, all these potential factors have contributed to the development of Airbnb. read more

Discussion on how to build new profit point for ndustry navigation station

in the rapid development of the Internet today, like the search engine navigation station or simple types such as Hao123 navigation station has successfully, which makes many people think so many industries of scattering, the navigation station is also rapidly increasing, although this is a simple divergent thinking, but it gives us another way to the construction site, but now the industry daohangzhan awareness is relatively low, and the navigation station promotion means is only limited to the search engines, which ignores the construction of industry enterprises and users of read more

11 reasons to tell you why your website doesn’t sell well

a well-designed website can naturally promote the growth of the company’s business and brand enhancement.

A study by

Nelson found that users spend an average of 10-20 seconds on a web site. At the beginning of the visit, visitors will find it worth further checking on the site to stay longer. For businesses, this is count every minute and second.

may cause several losses in a web site. In order to be better user management and have better website traffic, the following 11 problems that affect website performance should be fixed as soon as possible. read more

How to cut into the profit point of website sustainable development

with the development of the Internet, more and more people are attracted by the miracle of network creation to the Internet. Among them, countless people are involved in the ranks of the webmaster. But most webmaster in the process of building a site may ignore a problem, they think to make the site perfect architecture, so too much to study meaningless technical problems. For example, many webmaster get up early first thing, is to see their website ranking. Such a purely focus on the value of technology, but ignored the website as the information platform itself marketing value. So, we have to study a website, what is its basic profit point, and how do we do such a profitable point? read more

From children Valley PR from 0 to 3 watch the importance of the chain

began to do the valley website of children before February. Recently, PR has reached 3. When I was happy, I wondered a little bit about how fast I would rise. It was only 2 months from 0 to 3. Through the query found that Baidu or only included the home page of the site, snapshot time is 2 days. GG included faster, basically updated on the same day.

before looking for a friend to do a connection, that is, to bring my new station, said here, his website is software station, name is early snow nets, his website should have 4 years ago now. During the change of domain name, is also a very classic move, because he changed the domain name, PR and included have not become less. His website, PR, is 5. It seems stable for a long time. When is it expected to arrive at 6?. read more

Digg really can’t develop in China

not long ago, my station successfully on-line, so I finally become a member of China grassroots adsense. Now can also to the identity of the webmaster to share with you the experience.

originally wanted to be a forum, but felt that Digg was better than the forum, and finally chose digg. However, many domestic webmasters are not optimistic about the Digg model. Because even if the domestic relatively large Digg station in the domestic operation is not very good. Moreover, most webmasters attributed Digg’s lack of development in China to the fact that people in China do not love sharing. Personally think, people actually do not necessarily love to share, take the forum to say, in fact, and Digg is almost the same. But the forum in Chinese so long still very fire, why? The reason is the breakdown of the forum, the forum is now, or gathering local people, or gathering with the same hobby, basically no one forum is like Digg and miscellaneous. Imagine if a forum like Digg no theme, no regional restrictions, no matter what, what aspects are discussed on the same platform so that the forum certainly will not develop into what. read more

How do you run your job

in 2010 launched a talent network, business now has more than half a year, along the way I feel is "tired", now I finally understand why so many people are net companies in the business, do not know to have a friend like me, do I think their talent website? They feel like me. It’s very tiring to update that information every day, because the workload is too great. But in the process, I learned a lot and shared it with you.

first talent network sites such as other rich content can be, those friends into the site are recruitment and job, therefore, the website appearance must be professional, or others in the website is not fully open may be turned off, so how to attract recruiters and job seekers when they came in at the same time? We must have in order to retain their rich personal recruitment and job information. The website has just started, we need to manually add the recruitment information and job information, which is why we just started a job personnel website most tired every day, and constantly updated, for personal website to do the workload is very large, and now finally survived. This is our website in the management of a better plan, or it may need to be added manually, and now we are auditing what companies can publish recruitment information. A website not only in art, but also need to pay attention to some of the details, especially the enterprise, according to my experience, what they need most is the site of the contact, if the above all is the QQ class, they have no interest in the talent network, early not to put too much, at least a mobile phone number up, because many enterprises through telephone consultation, you hung QQ, they all ignore. For our local service network, I have also opened a fixed line, so that increasing the credibility of the site. read more

How should the company boss participate in the website operation

in China, many small and medium-sized enterprises have become aware of the importance of website operations in the company, but the real thing is not done well. Bosses think that as long as the site operators can be recruited, the rest are solved. Single Jen information attention marketing website for many years, suggestions for web site operators and corporate CEOs in the early assessment of this aspect must be involved, for the latter part of the website should have an understanding and grasp of the situation, to increase performance. Here are some tips for small and medium CEOs to take part in Web Operations: read more

A feeling of being born at the annual meeting of nternet webmaster

2000, Dai Zhikang was admitted to the University, and in 2001 began his career in the Internet business, today, he has himself founded the Comsenz technology limited company president and CEO, the sales of Discuz! Has become the world’s largest user, covering the most extensive community products.

1999, Li Guoqing for the success of their company to attract the Tiger Fund, the United States IDG, Softbank and other well-known venture capital institutions of the venture capital, founded more than ten years after dangdang.com, and today, dangdang.com through continuous development and expansion has become the largest Chinese online bookstore, its annual sales of more than one billion and two hundred million. In 2011 this year will Chinese Internet webmaster, they were used as the representative of the organizers and speakers in the conference, the hardships of the past decade review of entrepreneurship, but also on the future trend of the Internet has made the prospect. Like them, many of the participating guests of the conference are entering the industry in 98, 99 years of the Internet boom, and through their own unremitting efforts by virtue of their unique vision, seize the opportunity, step by step to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. And their success for today’s us is undoubtedly an incentive, they as the e-commerce industry’s predecessors, gave us a lot of experience can be used for reference. read more