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Nippon Foundation Aims to Map Ocean Floor by 2030

first_imgThe Nippon Foundation – GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project is now operational, chairman Yohei Sasakawa announced at a press conference.The project will realize Sasakawa’s vision of mapping the entire ocean floor by 2030.The Nippon Foundation has pledged US$2 million annually, and is calling for additional support from the global ocean community.Sasakawa noted, “The Nippon Foundation alone cannot achieve the objectives of this ambitious project. We will need the support of diverse stakeholders, including maritime corporations and technical experts. It is crucial that the ocean community comes together to achieve this goal.”He was joined by ocean-mapping experts, who emphasized that understanding the bathymetry of the global ocean is imperative for improving maritime navigation, and also for enhancing our ability to predict climate change and monitor marine biodiversity and resources. A comprehensive map of the seafloor will assist global efforts to combat pollution, aid marine conservation, forecast tsunami, and better understand tides, wave action, and sediment transport.Satinder Bindra has been appointed director for the project. The project draws on the experience of a growing network of more than 28 institutions and organizations around the world. The project will operate in four regional centers, each with responsibility for a region of the world’s ocean, with a global center based at the UK National Oceanography Center.last_img read more

Cue Energy gets more time to prepare for Ironbark-1 drilling

Australian oil and gas company Cue Energy has received a one-year extension and suspension for future work on the WA-359-P permit offshore Australia, which contains the Ironbark gas prospect.Cue said on Thursday the extension was for one year, with an expiration date of the permit set on April 25, 2019.The company also received a 12-month suspension for Year 3, 4, and 5 work program commitments and a Year 4 work commitment variation on WA-359-P.“The suspension and extension will allow time for detailed well planning using newly available data and preparing for drilling the Ironbark-1 well, targeted for 2019,” Cue added.Ironbark ProspectAs for the Ironbark prospect, it is a giant Mungaroo Formation prospect that is mapped with an area of up to 400 square kilometers and a best technical estimate of 15 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of prospective recoverable gas resource based on an internal assessment performed by Cue. The prospect is less than 50 kilometers from the North Rankin platform (North West Shelf LNG) and near Pluto and Wheatstone LNG infrastructure, providing cost-effective commercialization options.BP and Beach Energy equity saleCue currently holds 100% equity in WA-359-P and has executed agreements with BP and Beach Energy which provide them opportunities to acquire 42.5% and 21% equity respectively in the permit.While BP evaluates exercising its 42.5% option, which is a condition to the Beach agreement, Cue would continue considering options for the remainder of the funding of the Ironbark-1 well, representing 25% of the estimated well cost if BP exercises its option and the Beach agreement completes.To remind, Cue extended BP’s right to exercise its option to acquire a stake in the permit by six months back in mid-April. The extension awarded to the British oil major will expire on October 25, 2018. read more

Santos secures Noble rig for Dorado appraisal campaign

first_imgAustralia’s Santos has secured a drilling rig for its Dorado appraisal campaign located in WA-437-P offshore Australia scheduled to start in April next year.For illustration: A Noble Corp.-owned jack-up rig. Source: Flickr; Author: SP MacThe joint venture partners in exploration permit WA-437-P are Carnarvon with a 20% interest and Santos, the operator, with an 80% interest.Carnarvon said on Tuesday that the shallow water depths mean that the joint venture can utilize a cost-effective jack-up drilling rig for its Dorado appraisal wells and that it had secured the Noble Tom Prosser jack-up rig for the wells.The Noble Tom Prosser was also used to drill the Roc-1 discovery in this area in 2016.Two wellsThe 2019 drilling program is expected to include two Dorado appraisal wells that will focus on gaining further information on the volume of oil, gas and condensate discovered in the Dorado-1 well to build proved reserves which will underpin the Dorado development.Carnarvon said that the drilling of the first well is scheduled to start around April 2019.The wells will also focus on determining the flow properties of those hydrocarbons from the reservoirs intersected in order to optimize the Dorado development and obtaining additional data at different locations within the Dorado field.Carnarvon Managing Director, Adrian Cook, said: “The incredible Dorado discovery earlier this year means we are highly motivated to appraise the oil, gas and condensate within the structure. The objective in 2019 is to enhance our understanding of the volume of the resources recoverable and move to making a Final Investment Decision for development ideally in 2020.”The Noble Corporation-owned jack-up Noble Tom Prosser recently finished the Bayu Undan infill well program for ConocoPhillips in the Timor Sea. The drilling program consisted of two platform wells and one subsea well connecting into existing offshore infrastructure.last_img read more

More Granada Davit Cranes for Moray East

first_imgThe UK-based Granada Material Handling has secured a contract to provide 100 davit crane units for the turbine jacket foundations of the Moray East offshore wind project.Granada is in charge of designing, manufacturing and commissioning Python crane units that will be fitted to each of the project’s 100 jacket foundation platforms.According to the company, each of the cranes has been specifically designed for the 950MW project and its challenging marine environment.Each unit is approximately 4m tall, has a 7.5m radius, and weighs approximately 2000kg. The maximum lifting capacity of 990kg is required to hoist the heavier serviceable components from the supply vessel to the laydown area on the platforms of jacket foundations, Granada said.The company said it is already looking to place orders and subcontract specialist areas of work to other UK businesses. The cranes are expected to be delivered over a six-month period.Granada is also supplying five davit cranes for the substation of the Moray East project, each of which will be fitted to the structure’s five jacket foundation platforms.Moray East will comprise 100 MHI Vestas 9.5MW turbines installed some 22km off the Aberdeenshire coast. Project developer Moray Offshore Windfarm (East) Ltd plans to have the wind farm fully operational in 2022.last_img read more

Sex business exposed in main area of Takapuna

first_imgNorth Shore Times 16 Feb 2012A brothel masquerading as a legitimate health establishment in Takapuna’s Hurstmere Rd gave an unsuspecting man a shock when he wandered in off the street. The man, who does not wish to be named, says he saw the sign on Hurstmere Rd advertising traditional massage and acupuncture at the establishment called Rita, just off Hurstmere Rd. He went in to see how much it would cost for a massage but was quoted a price for “full service”, he says. The man says the women were dressed in skimpy clothes and he was given a tour of the different rooms. “I don’t think it should be allowed in the main street of Takapuna,” he says. The man says he is disappointed that Takapuna has stooped to that level.….Massage New Zealand executive officer Marianne Macdonald says the sex industry’s use of the term massage and massage parlour leads to confusion and this needs to change. Legitimate massage therapists get distressed by phone calls to their homes from people wanting sex services, Ms Macdonald says. She says “it’s just outrageous” that a Takapuna business advertising acupuncture and massage would offer “extras”.http://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/local-news/north-shore-times/6428630/Sex-business-exposedlast_img read more

Watching lots of TV ‘makes you stupid’ – Researchers

first_imgThe Independent 3 December 2015Watching TV for hours impairs your mental ability, according to study.Researchers from the Universities of California and San Francisco studied the link between watching TV and cognitive functioning.The results, published in the JAMA Psychaiatry Journal, found the more TV people watched, the worse they performed in a series of intelligence tests.Keep up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.The study looked at 3,247 adults aged between 18 and 30, with participants categorised by how much TV they watched on average and then tested for their processing speed and verbal functioning.Overall, the results showed those who watched the most TV were twice as likely to have poor mental functioning.http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/watching-lots-of-tv-makes-you-stupid-says-american-universities-a6759026.htmllast_img read more

Govt changes its tune on drug war

first_imgNewsTalk ZB 30 March 2016The government is agreeing with a major study which found a punitive approach to drug offending is doing more harm than good.The joint John Hopkins University-British Medical Journal study noted the ‘War on Drugs’ has had “no measurable impact on supply or use”, and in fact countries which had liberalised their non-violence related drug laws like Portugal and the Czech Republic saw a rise in “public health benefits, cost savings, lower incarceration [rates] and no significant increase in problematic drug use”.Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne said the government is preparing to take more of a health focus on drugs and balancing that against their classification.Dunne said it’ll happen over the next two years and with the new focus, penalties will be looked at, as will handling those caught with small amounts of cannabis for their own personal use.“The excessively legalistic punitive approach has failed,” he said. “We need to treat these issues as health issues.”“I’ve never used the term ‘the War on Drugs’, so I’m delighted to see that it’s been consigned to the scrap heap, because I think it was unduly provocative and unnecessary.”However, Dunne said it won’t mean the legalisation of cannabis.“You have to get 61 votes in Parliament to pass such a move. Last time I checked with political parties, the total score of parties supporting was zero.”Health Minister Jonathan Coleman said marijuana won’t be made legal any time soon.“We’ve got too many drugs in society. I mean cannabis is very carcinogenic. I don’t think it would be a good idea to have more people smoking more cannabis”.Coleman said he’s not ruling out allowing medical cannabis.“There’s a big difference between loose leaf cannabis and cannabis being available as an extract in a medicine where you can run a proper clinical trial”.Former drug squad detective Keith Price, who’s now a Napier City Councillor told Larry Williams the current law is sufficient to deal with the issue.He believes police have already softened their approach, and are using discretion a lot more often.“You can’t get away from the point that it causes crime, abnormal behaviour, anti social and under motivated people”.A number of states in the US, including Oregon, Colorado, and Washington, have decriminalised marijuana possession and ownership in recent years, creating a regulated, taxable market.http://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/news/politics/govt-changes-tune-on-approach-to-drug-offending/Govt won’t decriminalise cannabisNewsHub 30 March 2016The Government is considering a softer approach to low-level drug offences, but says it’s not considering decriminalising cannabis.The shift in policy comes as a study is released showing the war on drugs has done more harm than good.It’s been almost 45 years since former US president Richard Nixon declared a war on drugs, and now it’s been declared a failure.A new study by the John Hopkins University in the US concluded the international War on Drugs approach to drug offending hasn’t worked, and could even have made things worse.“I agree entirely,” says Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne. “It has failed, and we’ve been saying that from New Zealand’s perspective for some time now.”READ MORE: http://www.newshub.co.nz/politics/govt-wont-decriminalise-cannabis-2016033018#axzz44QWkpCU3last_img read more

All porn sites to be blocked in Israel

first_imgIndependent 1 November 2016Family First Comment: Good for NZ as well?“The Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation unanimously approved the bill, which forces internet companies in the country censor adult websites by default. Backers of the new legislation claim that it is a way of stopping young people getting online.The measures are of the kind previously proposed in the UK, where all adult websites would be blocked by defaultLegislators have approved a bill that would block all porn in Israel unless people ask to view it.The Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation unanimously approved the bill, which forces internet companies in the country censor adult websites by default. Backers of the new legislation claim that it is a way of stopping young people getting online. Under the terms of the bill, anyone wanting to access pornography online would have to tell their internet service provider, either by writing to them, ringing them or getting in touch their website.The approval of the bill means that it now moves to the legislator, the Knesset, for approval and passage into law.At the moment, Israeli law forces internet service providers to build in content-blocking systems that can recognise certain problem websites and stop people visiting them. But those are turned off by default and users can ask to have them switched on – and legislators worry that not enough parents know that they exist.READ MORE: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/porn-sites-blocked-adult-websites-israel-law-bill-ban-opt-in-out-a7389271.htmllast_img read more

New calls for paid parental leave to be back on the table for election year

first_imgTVNZ One News 16 April 2017An international children’s charity and an academic are calling for paid parental leave to be back on the table for election year despite a bill to extend paid leave being withdrawn last year.Studies show on average, women return to work when their child is six months old, which UNICEF says is an issue because the first 1000 days of life are important for the child’s development.“This is a vital time for children to be well supported and looked after, parental leave is a way of doing that,” said UNICEF New Zealand’s Jacqui Southey. However, the Government says it’s not considering any changes to paid parental leave, simply because it’s unaffordable.https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/new-calls-paid-parental-leave-back-table-election-yearKeep up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox. “That will make a big difference if people aren’t worrying about getting back to work before they should,” Ms Hyman said.center_img Academic author Prue Hyman agrees, saying not enough is being done in New Zealand to support mothers back into the workforce and extending paid leave would help.last_img read more

Stephen Appiah retires from active football

first_imgFormer Ghana’s Black Stars captain Stephen Appiah has announced he will bid farewell to Ghanaian football fans with a testimonial match at Accra sports stadium, bringing to an end his 20-year football career.Former Black Stars captain Stephen ‘Tornado’ Appiah has officially announced his retirement from active football at age 34.Appiah started his professional football career with local club Accra Hearts of Oak before moving abroad.The former Juventus star led Ghana to its first World Cup appearance in 2006 and also played a key role at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa where Ghana finished in the Quarter Finals. Appiah will be mostly remembered for his dedication and commitment on the pitch.last_img read more