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H1N1 FLU BREAKING NEWS: First Jamaican death, Chile cancels festival, military flu surveillance, advisory for OB settings

first_imgJul 7, 2009Jamaica reports first pandemic flu deathJamaica’s health ministry yesterday reported its first novel flu death, a patient who had an underlying medical condition who died at the University Hospital of the West Indies in Kingston, the Jamaica Observer reported. The ministry has asked a medical team to investigate the death. Jamaica reported its first novel flu cases in late May, and on Jun 24 announced the virus was spreading in the community. So far 33 cases have been reported, including the recent fatality.Chile officials cancel religious festival to curb flu spreadChile’s health ministry recently cancelled a large religious festival, set to converge on a small town in the southern part of the country, in an effort to slow the spread of pandemic flu, the Santiago Times reported on Jul 3. The dance and music celebration typically brings 200,000 visitors to the town of La Tirana. The event was last cancelled in 1991 during a cholera outbreak. The World Health Organization said yesterday Chile has confirmed 7,376 novel H1N1 cases.Military flu data boosts global influenza surveillanceA profile of US military flu surveillance efforts, to appear in the September issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, illustrates the importance of global influenza surveillance and quick access to epidemiologic data, the journal said in a press release today. Military surveillance efforts began in the 1970s and have made notable contributions, such as detecting the first novel H1N1 cases in the United States. Military disease surveillance is active in 56 countries.[Jul 7 Am J Prev Med press release]CDC issues flu advisory for OB settingsThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) yesterday released interim guidance for preventing and managing novel H1N1 infections in obstetric settings. Severe illnesses in pregnant women and infants have been a feature of the flu pandemic, though experts don’t have a firm grasp on the epidemiology and illness spectrum. The new guidance says areas where prenatal care and labor and delivery services are delivered should be separated from areas where the sick are handled.[Jul 6 CDC guidance]last_img read more

Aquatika welcomed its hundred thousandth visitor

first_imgOn Saturday, September 30, the public institution Aquatika welcomed the hundred thousandth visitor in its wonderful water world and thus confirmed the status of a unique tourist attraction of Karlovac County, and the jubilee visitor arrived less than a year after opening, which is certainly a great success.”In less than a year since its opening, Aquatika has been awarded numerous recognitions that have confirmed our efforts to present the riches and beauties of the Croatian aquatic world to as many people as possible. But we are most pleased with the smile on the faces of visitors, especially the youngest ones, whose satisfaction is our most important recognition. Therefore, the arrival of one hundred thousand visitors is an additional motivation to work so that we can continue to develop this project of vital importance in terms of tourism, culture and education for the City of Karlovac, Karlovac County and Croatia.”, Said the director of Aquatika Margarita Maruškić Kulaš.Getting to know the rich world of river flora and fauna is the most interesting for the youngest visitors, so it is not surprising that the hundred thousandth visitor is 10-year-old Petra from Zagreb, who will surely remember Saturday’s visit to Karlovac’s Aquatica. “This project shows that it is affected in its essence because Karlovac is an ideal city for a freshwater aquarium. The success of this project, after only a year, shows that the employees of Aquatika, led by the director, are doing a top job. This is an indicator to all of us in the City of Karlovac of how we must work in the future and how to plan all projects. The value of the project for Karlovac is that we have shown that in the city itself we have people who know and can design a project like this. In order to use EU funds, projects must be well designed, prepared and done, which is why Aquatika is an added value of the city of Karlovac. ” he pointed out Karlovac Mayor Damir Mandić.The implementation of the project of the Public Institution Aquatika was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund within the Operational Program Regional Competitiveness 2007-2013 in the amount of HRK 36.222.282,45. The total value of the project entitled “Freshwater Aquarium and Museum of Rivers – KAquarium” amounted to 36.691.939,25 kuna.Croatia with 1.000 museumsThe successes of Aquatika, the Museum of Vučedol Culture, the Museum of Illusion, the Museum of Broken Relationships, the Museum of Salt, the Museum of the Sinj Alka, etc. are great proof that different and authentic museums are a hit and great tourist stories. I have been saying for years that Croatia should have “1.000” museums and encourage private initiatives, ie private thematic museums, because our biggest tourist advantage is precisely our incredible diversity and authenticity. It is these true, credible and incredible stories that tell stories about our identity, customs, history amo we need to tell thematic museums. Because again, the motive for coming is not accommodation, but a quality, diverse and primarily authentic experience and content of a tourist destination.Let’s be what we are – Croats and tell our stories, and one of the great media are museums, as an excellent additional quality content of the destination’s tourism.last_img read more

Employers in tourism welcome the employment of retirees

first_imgCover photo: Pixabay.com Namely, ofthe employment of all pensioners for four hours a day with the retention of a pension has been made possible by recent amendments to the Pension Insurance Act. Pensioners who thus accumulate at least two years of new service can also request a new pension calculation. A large number of jobs in tourism can be employed by people of “mature” age who want and can work even after retirement, which will significantly affect the better preparation of the season, the Croatian Tourism Association (HUT) concluded. retirees up to four hours a day while retaining full pension payments. Employees living in areas close to the workplace have always been a priority in employment, and labor imports are the solution only in a situation where the domestic labor market cannot meet all the needs of the economy. A large number of jobs in tourism can employ people of “mature” age who want and can work even after retirement, according to HUT.center_img The association believes that this measure, given the wide and diverse structure of jobs in the tourism sector and the situation on the Croatian labor market, will significantly affect the better preparation of the next tourist season. “We believe that this is the beginning of further liberalization of employment opportunities for retirees who have met the conditions for a full pension and thus settled all statutory obligations during their working life. Retirees who want and can work are of great value to employers, because their work and life experience allows them to adapt quickly, and younger employees can be a source of knowledge and faster getting into work., points out Veljko Ostojić, director of HUT.last_img read more

Daily Mail: Croatia among the most expensive destinations for British tourists

first_imgSource / photo: Daily Mail In a week in Pula, a tourist will spend around 6.980 kuna, which is approximately 423 kuna less than the amount they would spend in Dubai, otherwise often synonymous with an expensive vacation. Summer vacation prices in 10 popular destinations Pula is the only European destination that has not become cheaper, but has risen in price by 0,7 percent compared to 2018. It ranks fourth in a select group of the most expensive destinations that still make up Dubai, Orlando and Toronto. The research showed that the Bulgarian Sunny Beach is the cheapest option for families for the fourth year in a row. A week’s vacation at this destination costs around 5.400 kuna per person, which is 17 percent less than last year. The price calculation includes a stay of seven nights, flights, dinners, spending money and one activity. The British daily Daily Mail published an article analyzing price movements in popular holiday destinations frequented by British tourists. center_img Sunny Beach and the Algarve are followed by Antalya, Zakynthos, Dordogne and Lanzarote on the list of cheapest destinations to explore. The Portuguese Algarve recorded the largest drop in prices (-20,2%) compared to last year. Thus, tourists visiting the southernmost Portuguese province will spend around 6.170 kuna this year. “Croatia recently saw an increase in popularity, which could be the reason for the 0,7 percent increase in prices compared to last year”, They concluded from the Daily Mail, one of the most widely read British daily newspapers. Destinations covered by the M&S Bank survey are Sunny Beach (Bulgaria), Algarve (Portugal), Antalya (Turkey), Zakynthos (Greece), Dordogne (France), Lanzarote (Spain), Dubai (UAE), Orlando (USA), Toronto (Canada), and Pula is also on the list.last_img read more

A small school on contemporary trends in tourism: The importance of family accommodation and perspectives

first_imgADR forecast is above € 120 in 2018/2019… Author: Nedo Pinezić, www.nedopinezic.com / Photo: Pixabay.com Tourist tax, membership fee and income tax NO # 2 / SMALL SCHOOL ON CONTEMPORARY TOURISM TRENDS: USA AND EU SUPPORT DIGITAL ECONOMY DESPITE TRADE CONFLICTS  However, only family accommodation does not have its representatives in the bodies of the councils of tourist boards at all levels, from municipalities to the CNTB. (No legal obligation). Those who contribute the most to the income of the tourist board system are excluded from the system of managing these funds. (Honor exceptions.) B&B, “alternative hotels”, a kind of “mix” between hotels and hostels, but also apartments will be increasingly sought after in cities. In rural areas, holiday homes are increasingly in demand, and the demand for small camps, resting places is slowly increasing. Pensions are interesting as an alternative to hotels. Small family hotels – luxury hotels have their own audience that is tied to the gourmet scene and personalized service. In bathing places, there will still be an increased demand for apartments in the bathing season and mass vacations, and outside the peak bathing season, more and more specialized accommodation will be sought in Popout bike & bed accommodation, pet friendly accommodation, wellness accommodation… NO # 3 SMALL SCHOOL ON CONTEMPORARY TRENDS IN TOURISM: CROATIAN HOSTS AMONG THE BEST IN THE WORLD * Hotelzone, source Hotels, camps and short stay rentals With the generated income, family accommodation creates 208.000 jobs (gross salary 1.000 euros x 12 months) in various activities that “follow” family accommodation. On an average of 7 beds per household, the required work is 16 hours per day, or 112 hours per week. This directly employs 2 people per household over a period of 70 days, which brings an additional 174.000 seasonal jobs. * “Find accommodation on Airbnb.” “Discover entire homes and private rooms ideal for any trip.” “5-star hosts.” “Freshly ironed bedding and recommendations for the best brunch in town are just part of the hospitality our local hosts will provide.” Global hospitality standards have been set. Guests write a review to the host after each booking. “Each of our hosts must continuously meet the minimum rating and hosting standards in order to advertise accommodation on Airbnb.” RELATED NEWS: Looking at the distribution of tourist traffic in Europe in 2016, hotels and similar accommodation were the most popular (65%), followed by short-stay accommodation (22%), and in third place are camps with a share of tourist traffic of 13%. Globally, hotels have a share of 30% The situation varies from country to country. In Cyprus and Malta, hotels take up almost 100% of traffic. In Denmark, Luxembourg, France and Sweden, the share of traffic in campsites is more than twice the EU average. * Eustat, source The future of family accommodation Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, big cities. In Berlin, the number of hotel rooms will increase by 3.700 in the next two years. 8.000 new hotel rooms are just opening in London. 2.600 new hotel rooms are opening in Budapest this year. To be continued … * Hotelzone, source Fall after climb Barcelona continues to grow in the occupancy rate of hotel capacity and is expected to reach 77,9% this year. As early as 2016, Dublin reached a rate of 83%, London 82%. In 2016, the Average Daily Rate (ADR) in Europe grew 1.5% to € 111.77. Geneva, Zurich and Paris achieve the highest prices. Paris (€ 229), London (€ 164), Rome (€ 148.2), Barcelona (€ 141.6), Dublin (€ 138.1), Milan (€ 137.9), Amsterdam (€ 137.5), Frankfurt (€ 127.4), How many jobs does family accommodation create? NO1 # SMALL SCHOOL ON CONTEMPORARY TRENDS IN TOURISM: WORLD TRENDS IN FAMILY, “PRIVATE” ACCOMMODATION Demand for hotel beds In 2018, Croatian citizens, based on their private property and putting it into the function of the common good, paid HRK 180 million in income tax to the state budget. The same amount (180 million kuna) was paid into the system of the Croatian Tourist Board as well as an additional 60 million kuna of tourist membership fee. Which types of accommodation will increase in demand in Croatia? In which types of accommodation will prices fall, and in which? On average, the “fashion” standard changes every ten years. We remember the former “A” categories, one bathroom in two rooms and a sink with cold water in the room. After that comes the era of apartments. We are now in the era of vacation homes. “Returning” rooms, but in combination with breakfast and of course the bathroom. High standards of aesthetics, hygiene, relaxation zones, contact with nature, good housekeeping, authentic experience… it is always “in fashion”. The hotel’s hit destinations are At the global, European and Croatian level, the demand for family accommodation is growing. The biggest impetus for growth came from OTA platforms. Today there are dozens of “P2P connectors”: wimdu, 9flats.com, housetrip, flipkey, tripadvisor, homeaway, vrbo, booking.com, roomorama, travelmob, stopsleepgo, interhome, vaycayhero, bedycasa, waytostay, weneedavacation, perfectplaces.com, homestay .com, vacationrentalpeople.com, migoa… * Airbnb The offer is becoming more and more personalized, the new platforms have a “Facebook” configuration where accommodation providers can easily present themselves, their business, hobbies, their accommodation, novelties to see, experience in the destination. Airbnb – set new standards Prices are influenced by several factors, but most of all by the quantity of offered products or services of the same or very similar characteristics as well as the mass demand for such a product or service. The average apartment accommodation is most affected by seasonal price fluctuations, prices can vary even in the ratio of 1/3 (120 euros at the peak of demand – 40 euros in the period of low demand). Better equipped apartments will more easily attract demand, and only then raise the price. Better price and more stable demand will be provided by accommodation specialization (bike friendly, pet friendly, barrier-free accommodation…) last_img read more

In the realization of the vision of year-round tourism, joint action of all stakeholders is needed

first_imgWhat connects artificial intelligence and tourism? How to create authentic tourist experiences and stand out among the competition? What does it take for a good idea to become a unique tourism product? How to develop a year-round business? The answers to these and many other questions were provided by the third edition of the conference on year-round tourism “Can Croatian tourism 365? – creativity and new technologies “, which took place today in Zagreb. As three key problems of domestic tourism, Kovačević emphasized the poor accommodation structure, ie insufficient hotel capacity, deficit of quality workforce and excessive seasonality, and he sees the solution in continuous investment in quality and development of specific, year-round forms of tourism. RELATED NEWS: Ivana Kolar / Photo: HGK Bruno Walter iz ITB Advisory stressed the following: “Today, everyone is talking about overtourism as a result of the fact that all tourism takes place in just a few months of the year and only in “some” places. Our challenge is to find hidden treasures and champions in Croatia and connect them with the experiences and individualism that today’s travelers are looking for. This way we will be able to create tourism 365 days a year. It’s not always easy, but at the end of the road it will be rewarded. ” Kristjan Staničić, the director of the CNTB Head Office emphasized that Croatia is a successful tourist country today, but that more and better can always be done. “We record the majority of traffic in the four summer months, but it grows before and after the off-season. This is the result of the work of all tourism workers and institutions. We focus on segments of the tourist offer that are not dependent on the sun and the sea, such as health, cultural and business tourism.”, Said Staničić, noting that the continent has great potential for growth and that is why a lot of funds are invested in promoting the continental offer.  Minister of Tourism Gari Capelli said three years ago there was a shift because we started talking about the tourist year, not the season. “This step forward did not happen by accident, but is the result of a consistent tourism policy of the public and private sectors. Croatia has moved in the direction of 365, we have found models to raise revenues this year, and that says a lot about the work of tourism workers”, Said Capelli. “Although we are recording good tourism indicators, the time of double-digit growth is behind us and we are entering a period in which we will have to literally fight for every guest. However, we should be aware that this guest is no longer a traditional tourist motivated only by the sun and the sea to which we are accustomed and to which we have predominantly created a tourist product. Today’s modern tourists book at the last minute, they are dynamic, they don’t stay long in one destination and they travel all year round. They are looking for an authentic experience, they want to get to know the mentality, way of life and tradition of the local population. Digital technologies have a key role to play in this process”, Said the Vice President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for Agriculture and Tourism Dragan Kovacevic at the conference “Can Croatian tourism 365? – creativity and new technologies “. IVANA KOLAR: WE MUST FIRST KNOW IF WE WANT TO WORK ALL YEAR ROUND, DETECT WHERE IT IS POSSIBLE, AND THEN CREATE THE PREREQUISITES FOR ITcenter_img Conference organizer and director Julius Rose Ivana Kolar she emphasized that the realization of the vision of year-round tourism requires joint action of all stakeholders, in order to harmonize the vision and goals and all “shoot the same goal.” “Year-round tourism must be our goal, primarily because of its sustainability. No one expects tourism to function just all 365 days, but we need to strengthen before and after the season and activate the continental parts of the country. This means a personalized offer, authentic and based on creativity”, Said Kolar and added that Istria and Zagorje are in the lead in the tourist offer that does not depend exclusively on the season. Caroline Couret, Creative Tourism Network: Creative tourism talks about human values, authenticity and creativity “There has never been more information that we have to process than once, establish more contacts and make more decisions than today. On the other hand, there has never been less time for that. The only way to deal with the problem is to rely on some form of artificial intelligence, “he added.Marko Lukiciciz Jadranka Group and Acquainta.  James Chappell iz Horwath HTL London concluded: “When we talk about year-round tourism, the main challenges and problems that tourist countries and destinations face are investments and expectations. If you want to have an offer for year-round tourism, the destination needs to have the infrastructure to deal with it: airlines, accommodation, attractions that operate all year round, constant promotion, processes and dealing with guests. It all needs to be funded and comes with an element of risk. It takes a certain amount of faith and determination to go in that direction. ” Photo: HGK Cover photo: HGK They presented their experiences to the participants – James Chappell, the company ‘s global business director Horwath HTL, one of the world’s largest tourism and hospitality consulting brands from London, Caroline Couret, founder and director Creative Tourism Network® creative tourism organizations from Barcelona, Chelo Escabias, founder and director of North Incoming Service, the first incoming travel agency in the Basque Country to participate in the development of the Bilbao promotion,  Bruno Walter iz ITB Advisory and others.  The international conference on year-round tourism “Can Croatian Tourism 365” was held today at the Sheraton Zagreb Hotel, and this year’s theme of the conference was “Creative and new technologies”. last_img read more

New park will have a positive impact

first_imgIf voters approve the sale of this property for a central park, there will be a similar positive impact for residents. Parks add economic value to a community and improve the quality of life. There is an opportunity for synergy with the nearby Clifton Park-Halfmoon Library, CAPTAIN, the Southern Saratoga YMCA and the school programs on the Shen Campus.And, like the Clifton Common, there would be little adverse impact to the adjacent land uses, as a park would actually serve as a buffer between the adjacent elementary schools and the commercial district.I urge the voters in the Shen district to vote yes on Proposition 1 for the sale of this land to the town. Future generations will also look back in 35 years and marvel at the foresight of the voters to keep the land in the public domain.Frank BerlinClifton ParkThe writer is president of Friends of Clifton Park Open Space.More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationControversial solar project goes before Clifton Park Planning BoardEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsHigh-risk COVID exposure reported in Clifton ParkEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homes Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionOn Dec. 5, voters in the Shenendehowa School District have the opportunity to create a legacy for all of the residents of southern Saratoga County.Thanks to the work of many local residents and the overwhelming voter turnout last April, the town of Clifton Park and the Shen Board of Education reached agreement to keep 37 acres in the heart of our commercial area in the public domain for a park. The voters have the opportunity to ratify this agreement on Dec. 5.This vote can have the same civic impact as the creation of Clifton Common did almost 35 years ago, when Clifton Park made a decision to invest in 71 acres of land adjacent to the Town Hall. The town recognized the need for playing fields for youth sports, as well as the potential for other community facilities such as the Senior Center.It’s difficult to imagine Clifton Park today without the Common. It’s a hub for young athletes, cultural programs, activities for seniors and the region’s annual Fourth of July celebration. The Clifton Common is clearly an indispensable resource for the community and one that is unique within the Capital District.last_img read more

This hub will only get busier

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Heathrow industrial

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Heathrow offices

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