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EIG to sell stake in Brazilian gas pipeline operator TBG to Fluxys

first_img EIG Global Energy Partners has agreed to sell its approximately 27.5% stake in Transportadora Brasileira Gasoduto Bolívia-Brasil (TBG) to Fluxys, a Belgium-based natural gas transmission system operator.TBG owns and operates the Brazilian section of the Bolívia-Brazil pipeline (GASBOL), which is a nearly 2,600km natural gas pipeline system, including the main natural gas transportation network in the south of Brazil.The pipeline system spans the states of Mato Grosso do Sul, São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina, and Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.EIG said that the GASBOL has capacity to transport approximately 30 million cubic meters of natural gas per day (1.1 billion cubic feet per day) from Bolivia and Brazil’s offshore pre-salt fields to key markets in Brazil.EIG CEO Blair Thomas said: “We are thrilled to have reached agreement with Fluxys for the sale of our interest in TBG. It has been a privilege to support the growth and development of GASBOL, critical infrastructure that delivers natural gas to key markets in Brazil, including Sao Paulo and the industrial regions in the southeastern part of the country.“This investment underscores our dual commitment to supporting growth and development in this important region of the world while creating value for our investors.“Today’s sale positions the EIG portfolio for additional opportunities in Brazil, and we look forward to partnering with Fluxys where possible.”EIG expects the transaction to be concluded in approximately two months, subject to satisfaction of certain conditions precedent.Furthermore, the two companies EIG and Fluxys also intend to explore further strategic cooperation in Brazil’s gas infrastructure market.EIG has also invested in Gas Natural Açu (GNA), an operational LNG terminal, natural gas and power hub with 6.4GW of gas-fired power under development at the Port of Açu.In 2018, Fluxys and its consortium partners acquired a 35.76% stake in Dunkerque LNG, the owner of the LNG terminal in Dunkirk in France, from EDF and Total. TBG owns and operates the Brazilian section of the Bolívia-Brazil pipeline (GASBOL), which is a nearly 2,600km natural gas pipeline system EIG has also invested in Gas Natural Açu (GNA). (Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.)last_img read more

The Long Campaign: the experience of an OUSU candidate

first_imgIt’s the end day of voting in the OUSU elections and I am exhausted. I’ve spent the past two weeks flyering in the rain, going from college to college husting, and awkwardly messaging people to persuade them to vote. As a candidate for VP Welfare and Equal Opportunities, the irony about the toll these past few weeks has placed on my welfare is not lost on me. The fact that OUSU has a crisis with engagement is often discussed but to be honest, having run in these elections, I can see why you wouldn’t want to. Over the past week, myself and others running in the election participated in 12 hustings at various colleges across Oxford. Average turnout was about 10 people everywhere and OUSU central hustings was notably lacking anyone who didn’t already know one or more of the candidates. Gearing yourself up to talk to an empty room is difficult, and the time consuming nature of hustings means that what should be a fun and enjoyable opportunity to engage with students across the university quickly becomes a drag. I’ve been lucky to have been running against two wonderful candidates, Jenny Walker and Sandy Downs, and we agreed early on that if any of us needed to take a welfare break from husts, none of us would go. People running for other positions were not as fortunate. Another problem has been the financial burden that OUSU elections places on candidates. Sabbatical candidates running on their own can spend up to £135 with £10 extra for every other sabbatical candidate on a slate. Thankfully, limits are placed on spending with receipts being required to be submitted at the end of the election but £135 is no small amount of money. OUSU offer some financial support for candidates to apply for but I was not informed of how much money I would be receiving until Monday, a day before the polls opened. Fortunately, I had launched a crowd-funding campaign a week before and thanks to generous donations, I was more than able to adequately fund my campaign. Yet, there was a large amount of time where it looked like I was going to be unable to utilise the amount of money all candidates were entitled to. The financial situation in OUSU elections also favours slates who can split the amount they are entitled to spend between them. Slates are groups of people who are registered to campaign together; candidates running on their own then can’t endorse anyone running. When I decided to run independently, I was told it was my ‘political death.’ Ignoring whatever that means, running independently is seen as being useless and impractical because you are considered unlikely to win. Now I don’t know what tonight’s result will be but I do know that I have had some great conversations throughout this campaign. I’ve been given a platform to talk about what I think needs to be changed at this university, which has been an honour. And a number of people have said lots of lovely, complimentary things about me. All of this will be true regardless of the outcome. Because independent candidates are not allowed to endorse others for fear of being accused of ‘cross-slating’, OUSU elections become about individuals rather than ideas. There is, of course, an element of scrutiny required with the individuals running in an election, but I believe that the strength of ideas often gives a good indication of what the individual will be like. Running independently has meant that all of the burden has been placed on myself. I haven’t been able to voice my opinions about who I would want to work with should I get the role, despite the fact that we have to be part of a team and having watched everyone hust 10+ times, I have a pretty good idea about who is the best. Everyone acknowledges that elections are tough but I think there are a number of things that can be done to make OUSU elections more accessible for everyone. Firstly, reformulating the way husts work, either by geographical location or moving to a more online web-based system of videos. Secondly, considering how much money candidates really need to spend on a campaign. And thirdly, either ending slating or relaxing cross-slating rules. People should be able to run for OUSU without being emotionally or financially put off, and currently that is not the case.last_img read more

Oxford beats Cambridge in QS uni rankings

first_imgOxford has beaten Cambridge in the 2019 QS World University Rankings, placing among the top five universities worldwide.According to the rankings, Oxford is the UK’s best university and the 5th best university globally. It is the first time since 2015 that Oxford has ranked in the top five institutions globally.Oxford and Cambridge have swapped positions in the rankings this year, with Oxford rising from 6th place to 5th and Cambridge dropping from 5th to 6th.US universities retain the top four positions; MIT topped the table followed by Stanford, Harvard, and CalTech respectively.QS ranks the world’s top 1,000 universities, which typically come from over 85 countries.Oxford’s rise is mostly due to an improvement in its research performance. Its score for Citations per Faculty – QS’s measure of research impact – rose from 76.3/100 in last year’s edition to 83.0/100 this year. It also retained a score of 100/100 for Employer Reputation. Harvard University UCL (University College London) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Oxford vice chancellor, Louise Richardson, said: “I am delighted that Oxford has risen in this year’s QS rankings. We owe this result to the talent and commitment of our academic staff and to our network of research collaborators across the continent and across the Globe. We are particularly proud to have secured the top spot in Europe and very much hope that we will be able to maintain this position as the UK withdraws from the European Union.”A QS spokesperson, Jack Moran, said: “This year’s results reiterate Oxford’s status as a truly world-class institution in all respects. It enjoys outstanding renown among both academics and employers.“Its highly international status is testament to its global standing. And no university in the country achieves a higher raw research impact, with its citations footprint higher than all others.“However, for students at the university, it is equally important that the world-renowned tutorial system remains facilitated by one of the world’s lowest faculty-student ratios: in this respect, Oxford is relatively – and happily – anomalous among UK institutions, the majority of whom are suffering from increasing class sizes.” California Institute of Technology (Caltech) ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) QS World University Rankings 2019: Top 10 Imperial College London University of Cambridge Stanford University University of Chicago University of Oxfordlast_img read more

Union suspends member for Nazi salute

first_imgThey concluded that: “It is more likely than not that an ordinary member would, when looking at a raised arm coupled with goose-stepping, see an allusion to the Third Reich” which the defendant himself admitted was “the most likely explanation” for such behaviour. The initial complainant at one point referred to these gestures as being “entirely reminiscent of a Nazi salute”, although the report found that this was not fully corroborated by the evidence presented. The defendant then noted that in this unnamed country “goose-stepping continues to take place, before deciding to start goose- stepping while mimicking the tradition”. The member has been suspended for two terms and fined £40 in line with Union policy forbidding conduct “liable to distress [or] offend.” The member (who is not named in the re- port in line with Union rules) is also alleged to have “engaged in goose-stepping.” The complainant’s representative argued that the claim that these actions were taken in the spirit of “cultural exploration” were “wildly improbable”, and argued that “there was very little evidence of remorse besides the admittance of drunken conduct.” However, they found that the rules of the society did not enable them to extend the scope of their investigation beyond that of the original complaint, and as a result no punishment was brought against the second goose-stepping member. They also stated: “Any symbolism of Nazism, reasonably interpreted, is liable to distress and offend a right-minded member” and that “Goose-stepping in itself a symbol of Nazism, is liable to distress and offend a rational, right-minded member and is serious and improper conduct” regardless of the intention of the defendant when raising their arm. The Oxford Union has found a member guilty of attempting to perform a Nazi salute at last term’s “Into the Wardrobe” ball. The report did not rule out the possibility of a second investigation. Noting that this was the second time within a year that a case had been brought regarding conduct by an intoxicated member liable to distress or offend other members, the panel “urge[d] all members to enjoy themselves responsibly at Society events.” As the Defendant entered no plea the disciplinary panel “proceeded as if a ‘not guilty’ plea had been entered”. In the course of the defence, the Defendant’s representative presented evidence that the goose-stepping had taken place alongside another unnamed member after “discussing the military traditions” of the unnamed member’s country in whose military they had served. The panel nevertheless found that the defendant had engaged in goose-stepping whilst raising their arm at an angle of at least forty-five degrees and laughing on at least one occasion. In addition to these allegations, the defendant also stood accused of having goose-stepped in the society’s bar prior to their alleged conduct in the marquee. However, upon examination of CCTV footage from the bar the panel found no evidence that this had taken place. center_img The report, by a Union Intermediate Disciplinary Committee, explains that the allegations were corroborated by an un- named member of the Union’s committee who stated “that they saw the Defendant with their arm raised at an angle 45 degrees above the horizontal.” The unnamed member claimed that he had not engaged in Nazi salutes, but had “moved his arm to five degrees above horizontal reminiscent of the [national] military’s practice of raising one’s sword while goose- stepping, and that the defendant may have done the same.” Speaking to Cherwell, Union President Genevieve Athis said: “I can confirm that an Intermediate Displinary Committee did decide to fine and suspend a member that behaved extremely inappropriately at our Hilary Term Ball. “The panel was dissatisfied with this situation.” “It is very important that all members feel safe when they are on our premises and I think the seriousness of the punishment administered to the member in question illustrates our commitment to this.” The defendant admitted to having engaged in goose-stepping at the ball which they referred to as “juvenile”, and admitted to having been heavily intoxicated at the time, but did not admit to having engaged in conduct reminiscent of a Nazi salute. “After the incident, the member was removed from the premises by a member of the Union’s security staff. “The complaint was brought by an ex- President on behalf of a member of the Union’s staff. “The goose-stepping itself constitutes a breach of Rule 71 (a) (i) (1) and was deemed by the investigatory panel to be serious and improper conduct. In its concluding remarks, the panel noted: “During our hearing it became apparent that although the original complaint had been submitted against a single member, the alleged actions were of two members.last_img read more

Rumours quelled over selling by number

first_imgThe European Parliament (EP) has been forced to quell fears that food businesses would be banned from denoting the number of products on-pack, after a proposal for the continuation of selling by number was rejected by MEPs in a recent vote.Politicans voted against the inclusion of a provision in the Food Information Regulation (FIR) directive, which would allow bakers in the EU selling wrapped products by number, such as rolls, muffins and crumpets, to continue doing so.Despite the vote, no quick agreement is expected in Council making it likely that the draft legislation would return to Parliament for a second reading. A spokesperson for the Food Standards Agency said it was too early to say what the implications could be, but that the Agency was in favour of the provision to continue selling by number.MEP Renate Sommer, who is steering the legislation through the EP, has denied reports that the effect of current proposals on food labelling would, for example, ban eggs being sold by the dozen. The EP said reports that claim the new rules would not allow both the weight and quantity to be displayed were also wrong. “Labels will still be able to indicate the number of food items in a pack, whether eggs, bread rolls or fish fingers,” read the statement.The legislative procedure is on-going and may not end until late 2011.Proposals for ‘traffic light’ values on food packaging were thrown out but MEPs backed plans for food labels that feature mandatory nutritional information, accompanied by guideline daily amounts, defeating the UK Food Standards Agency’s wish to see traffic light labelling adopted universally.The EP also voted in favour of extending country of origin labelling to all meat, poultry, dairy and other single-ingredient products, and to meat, poultry and fish when used as an ingredient in processed food.last_img read more

Earphunk Will Be Breaking Up Following One Last Hometown Performance In NOLA

first_imgAnyone who has seen Earphunk over the last few years knows that the band means business. With a progressive funk fusion that takes its roots in New Orleans music, we were saddened to hear today that the band will be breaking up after this weekend. Earphunk has been together since 2008, forming in NOLA, and they will appropriately end their tenure with one final performance in the Crescent City. That will come this weekend, at the Bear Creek Bayou Music Festival.Earphunk announced the news in an open letter to their fans, showing a brave optimism in the face of what is an unfortunate situation. Read the note embedded below:Dear fans, friends, and family,We are sorry to announce that our performance at this weekend’s Bear Creek Bayou Music Festival on Friday will be our final show together. We feel it is right that it will be at home in New Orleans as a part of the first festival we ever played. We have traveled throughout the entire country, made life long friends and we feel fortunate to have accomplished things as a band we never would have imagined when we first began. Please keep an eye out for our own individual endeavors as we move forward! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for the constant love and support over these past seven years.With love, EarphunkWe’ve personally worked with the band on features and other content for many years, and are sad to hear this news. We’ll miss you, Earphunk.last_img read more

Annual volleyball tournament looks to foster community and help veterans’ causes

first_imgLyons and Carroll Hall will host the annual Volley for the Vets volleyball tournament Saturday, with proceeds benefiting the Notre Dame Veterans Fund, providing support to veterans who wish to pursue an education at Notre Dame.All students are welcome to form teams of six for the event, and can enter the tournament for a donation of $10, which will go towards the Notre Dame Veterans Fund.Junior Aidan Cook, Carroll Hall president, said the competition will be different from previous years, taking place at the Stepan Center beach volleyball courts instead of the ones near each residence hall.“This year we are trying to centralize things and our hope in doing that is to get some lawn games set up and play music so that people are not only there to play, but also to watch,” Cook said.In addition to the games, students will be able to buy T-shirts for $10 with the proceeds also benefiting veterans. Sophomore Dora Leonardo, president of Lyons Hall, said the tournament will use the same T-shirt design as last year “to create unity.”Representatives will be outside both South and North Dining Halls helping students sign up to participate. Pre-registration is not required, and teams may also just show up to the event on Saturday. Last year, the event brought out 25 teams, and this year, the organizers would like to see even more.While students will compete against one another, the tournament’s deeper goal is to give back to veterans. The Notre Dame Veterans Fund helps to alleviate the cost of tuition and housing for the service men and women who are students at Notre Dame. The Volley for the Vets tournament raises a substantial amount of money for these causes.The annual event was started by a Lyons Hall student who felt passionately about giving back to those in the military and in honor of her relative who served.“It was really strong in her heart that there needed to be some sort of event whether it was for veterans or those actively in the military,” Leonardo said. “And she took the initiative and started it.”While the event not only strengthens the relationship between students and the Notre Dame’s initiatives for veterans, it also bolsters the community between Lyons and Carroll Hall, who are brother and sister dorms. Maggie Griffin, a sophomore in Lyons, said events like Volley for the Vets can bring people together under a common cause.“I love Volley for the Vets because it brings together students on campus to recognize the importance of veterans causes,” Griffin said. “Lyons and Carroll Hall have a great relationship and this fosters an even better sense of community.”Tags: Carroll Hall, Lyons Hall, Veterans, Volley for the Vets, Volleyball, volleyball tournamentlast_img read more

Man Charged For Allegedly Pointing A Shotgun At Power Company Workers

first_imgWNY News Now Stock Image.BEMUS POINT – A Bemus Point is facing charges after allegedly pointing a shotgun at power company employees parked on along a roadway last week.New York State Police and the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office responded to a residential area in Bemus Point for a report of a disorderly person with a firearm on Friday the 13th.Through investigation, troopers allege that 42-year-old Edmond Shults III approached a National Grid truck that was parked on the roadway and pointed a shotgun at the two employees that were seated inside.Shults was later arrested and charged with two counts of second-degree menacing. Police say he was processed at the State Police Barracks in Jamestown and released with an appearance ticket.Shults is scheduled to appear in the Town of Ellery Court at a later date. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Africanized honeybees confirmed in Georgia

first_imgLast week’s death of an elderly Dougherty County man has been attributed to Africanized honeybees. This fatality confirms the bees’ arrival in Georgia, according to the Georgia Department of Agriculture.“The victim was operating a tractor and mower, aggravated a nest of bees and received more than 100 stings,” said Keith Delaplane, a University of Georgia Cooperative Extension entomologist.Africanized honeybees have been in the United States since October 1990 when they were found in Texas. In 2005, they were confirmed in Florida. European cousin essential to cropsA sub-species of honeybee, Africanized honeybees can interbreed with the European honeybee that is well known throughout Georgia as an important pollinator and producer of honey. One-third of American diets contain food crops that rely on European honeybees for pollination, according to the Georgia DOA.Africanized and European honeybees look and behave alike in some respects. Each bee can sting only once, and there is no difference between Africanized honeybee venom and that of a European honeybee. However, “the African variety is extremely defensive and responds with a massive stinging reaction with little provocation,” Delaplane said.Don’t swat, run, get inside and stay insideThe UGA honeybee expert urges the public to become aware of how to react if Africanized honeybees attack. He offers the following lifesaving tips: 1. Be cautious around places where Africanized honey bees are likely to nest, such as abandoned sheds, bee hive equipment, discarded tires and underground cavities.2. If you are attacked, RUN AWAY. “You may think this sounds silly, but experience has taught us that people don’t run away,” he said. “Instead, they stand and swat, which simply escalates the defensive frenzy until it reaches lethal proportions.”3. Get inside a closed vehicle or building as fast as possible, andSTAY there. “Here’s another hard lesson we’ve learned. People don’tstay inside a closed vehicle if a few bees follow them inside,”Delaplane said. “Instead, they panic and flee back outside where tensof thousands of angry bees attack them.” This pattern has repeated itself over and over in the stinging incidents entomologists have monitored in Latin America and the southwestern U.S., he said. “The lesson is, don’t worry about the few bees that follow you indoors. Get inside,and stay inside.”4. European honeybees and beekeepers are our best defense against Africanized honeybees. “Some communities may be considering zoning restrictions against all forms of beekeeping. This essentially cedes territory to the enemy. Only gentle European bees can genetically dilute the defensive Africanized variety,” he said.First aid tipsIf stung, the Georgia DOA says to follow these steps:• Scrape – do not pull – stingers from skin as soon as possible. Pulling the stinger out will likely cause more venom to be injected into the skin.• Wash sting area with soap and water.• Apply ice for a few minutes to relieve pain and swelling.• Seek medical attention if your breathing is troubled, if you’re stung numerous times or if you’re allergic to bee stings.For more information on Africanized honeybees, read the UGA Extension publication at http://pubsadmin.caes.uga.edu/files/pdf/B%201290_2.PDF .last_img read more

Guatemala Seizes 18,800 Kg of Chemical Precursors from China

first_imgBy Dialogo July 31, 2012 Early Sunday morning, Guatemalan anti-drug authorities seized a shipment of 18,800 kg of chemical precursors shipped from China, according to an announcement by the 5th Deputy Interior Ministry, in charge of the fight against drug trafficking. “The product arrived yesterday in two containers coming from China and that were transported on a boat that docked in Puerto Santo Tomás de Castilla (in northern Guatemala),” a source from that agency stated. According to the information provided, the chemical precursors, substances used in the manufacture of synthetic drugs, were supposed to be shipped to an alleged firm operating on the northern outskirts of the Guatemalan capital; nevertheless, the investigators verified that the firm does not exist. In addition, like a shipment seized on July 14, the chemical products were allegedly declared as electrical transformers. That day, at the same port terminal, the Guatemalan authorities also seized 19,600 kilograms of sodium sulfate, the alleged final destination of which was a firm located in Puerto Cortés, Honduras.last_img read more