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and then for two consecutive days, dare not use IE8 to open the site, and hope that now with IE8 people will not be too much, there will not be too many people find the site dislocation problem. Later thought, escape is not the way, after all, IE8 will only more and more people use, it can not be less and less people use. Began to study the reasons for the dislocation of the site under IE8 and solutions.


is no longer misplaced after adjustment IE8:

actually, the solution is simple. Open your web site with IE8 browser. Don’t panic if you find a misplaced problem. On the menu bar, open the tools option, find the compatibility view in the drop down menu, tick it, and then see if the site is not misplaced.






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IE8 website dislocation screenshot:

the details:

TP-COUPON Amoy coupon version is based on the TP-COUPON free version of the Taobao coupon module added. Amoy edition will be able to cover China’s most extensive online shopping users – Taobao users, so that a wider range of users of the coupon site, webmasters richer sources of income.
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screenshot as evidence: because of their website in IE8 after adjustment shows normal, can only open other people’s Web site to screenshot.

A5 Forum 549 is hot this comment period group purchase immediately involved in the interaction: bbs.admin5/thread-3493656-1-1.html,
if you have the completed pages with the group operation, you can also reply in the above post, we will give you the gift of A5 integral.

site in IE7 because once everything is normal, then the dislocation in IE6, is by changing the code to achieve normal, then think, IE8 will not dislocation, should also be used to change the code to achieve the site to avoid the problem of dislocation. This can not help but say is a trouble, after all, for too many novice Adsense, this is a challenge. In fact, there is no need to, IE8 browser itself will have a very good function to improve the site dislocation problem.


updated the IE browser to IE8 a few days ago and opened it and found the site misplaced. My website is IT College station. IE8 users can try to open, they will find dislocation problems, but I do not have to worry about. With IE6, IE7360 and other browsers have not occurred dislocation, using IE8 to open the site, found that the dislocation is very serious, including home page, list page, article page, etc., are serious dislocation.

———————- reminder developing

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