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Monthly Archive: February 2021

Tech Prediction for 2014: A Whole New World

first_imgWow, what a ride. It’s been three months since I joined EMC and I am even more excited today than I was then; excited about the changing IT landscape and excited about the opportunity for EMC to address those changes.First, lets talk a little about that changing landscape.I see three changes of force occurring simultaneously as we walk into 2014:“As a Service” – Whether it’s SaaS, DRaaS, or ITaaS, this trend is all around us. Data Centers, CIOs, VPs of Infrastructure, Storage Admins – we all need to understand this trend and its impact. But, what’s really at the core of this change? Why is this trend happening now? Two key reasons: Time to Value and Time to Money. Businesses are looking for the flexibility, the elasticity, to deliver IT services when and where they need it. Standard IT practices are not getting the job done.  Businesses can no longer wait a week for a new application environment to be “spun up”. They need it today. In addition, they need private clouds to deliver services at prices competitive to Amazon. For security or business practice reasons, they can’t move or don’t want to move the data off premises, but they also can’t afford to ignore the value these new ITaaS providers bring to the table.Flash is Ubiquitous – Flash has completely changed the storage landscape. While the change from slow cheap storage media to flash is not an overnight phenomenon, make no mistake this change is happening. Almost every customer I talk to has plans to leverage more flash in 2014.Convergence or is it Hyper Convergence? – We’ve seen growth over several decades of shared storage that brought us from local storage to network storage, but also that brought complexity and cost. The potential to go from a three-layer architecture (server, network, storage) to a single layer that allows you to scale both computing power and storage power together is extremely intriguing.When I first joined EMC, I was told that the company not only welcomed change, but also anticipated change. Challenging the norm, thinking out of the box, driving innovation of the “Next Big Thing” is in the fabric of this company.Just look at the early success of XtremIO.  Other examples include Isilon, Avamar, and Data Domain – all have shown EMC’s willingness to disrupt established file, backup or non deduped data businesses.So what’s in store for disruption in 2014 given the flash, convergence, and “Anything as a Service” vectors? I think we all need to get ready to redefine storage yet again. Get ready for hyper convergence giving you the flexibility to deliver storage and computing as a service in a time to value curve as never seen before.Stay tuned and watch this space because there is more to say about this in the coming months.—More Tech Predictions for 2014SDx (Software-Defined Everything) by Amitabh Srivastava, President, Advanced Software DivisionA Battle Cry for Protected Storage by Stephen Manley, Chief Technology Officer, Data Protection & Availability DivisionSoftware-Defined in Two Architectures by Josh Kahn, Senior Vice President, Global Solutions MarketingBringing Hadoop to Your Big Data by Bill Richter, President, IsilonTargeting the Value Office to Transform IT Business by Rick Devenuti, President, Information Intelligence GroupIT’s Ability to Evolve Quickly by Vic Bhagat, Chief Information OfficerAs BYOD Matures, BYOI is Waiting in the Wings by Art Coviello, President, RSAService Orientation, Big Data Lakes, & Security Product Rationalization by Tom Roloff, Senior Vice President, Global Serviceslast_img read more

Modernizing Data Management with Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation

first_imgNew Dell Technologies solution with Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation server appliance accelerates business outcomes by enabling diverse users to gain insights from data.Here are a couple of numbers that should cause concern for IT leaders: By 2025, we will be creating 463 exabytes of data every day. Data scientists already spend 45 percent of their time on data preparation tasks, such as loading and cleaning data. In light of findings like those, we clearly need more efficient ways to manage the data deluge that is hitting all organizations.So, what’s wrong with today’s approaches? For starters, even as enterprises are producing, capturing and storing more data than ever before, many potential users can’t find critical information and don’t have the tools they need to turn data into actionable insights and drive business outcomes. That’s because over 60% of enterprise data can be unknown, dormant or underused.Here’s another challenge. For many organizations, the move to big data technologies has created barriers to information for business and data analysts. Worse, data opacity and analytics complexity put the burden on IT to provide data extracts because most business users lack the required source system access and coding skills to independently explore the data.To enable a broader community of data consumers, a fresh approach is needed— one that enables efficient and secure access to data, no matter where it resides, for everyone with a business need. This brings us to the launch of Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation (DCP) software on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers.This new offering from Dell Technologies can be a game-changer for organizations working to become more data driven. It enables people in your organization to derive business value from practically any combination of enterprise data sources — without learning to program.Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation is a platform that provides value for both IT and the business analyst community. The Data Catalog features can provide a central repository of all the data sources and detailed meta-data that bring that unknown or underused data to the attention of business analysts. IT can enable data preparation capabilities for business users by simply adding a Boomi DCP node to a new or existing big data cluster. IT staff responsible for data governance can configure the right data access for the right users, using DCP role-based security integrated with existing source systems controls.Business analysts using DCP can create powerful data transformations and summaries, with basic relational data knowledge and some and common SQL commands. These jobs are then run using highly scalable Hadoop services to produce new data artifacts for analysis that replace traditional “data extract” requests. The artifacts are suitable for use with many popular reporting and visualization tools, both inside and outside of the Hadoop ecosystem.Even better, Boomi DCP on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers is easy for IT to install and manage, easy for use in data governance management and easy for business analysts to use. This combination enables organizations that are investing in big data technologies to safely expand the end-user base, provide more value and improve the ROI of data-driven initiatives.Ready for a deeper dive?For a close-up look at the capabilities of Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation software on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, read or download this white paper.This document describes an end-to-end use case that demonstrates a typical Boomi DCP workflow. The use case example addresses the different types of problems that can be solved using the Boomi DCP toolset and shows how the data discovery, data cataloging and data transformation capabilities of Boomi DCP can be combined into an integrated business solution.last_img read more

EU approves more state aid to boost car batteries industry

first_imgBRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union has approved 2.9 billion euros in subsidies from 12 member countries to develop a project aiming at developing the electric battery industry. The EU’s executive commission had already cleared a 3.2 billion-euro plan subsidized by seven countries in December 2019 to support research and innovation in a sector where Europe is lagging behind Asian competitors. The EU, which expects that demand for batteries will grow quickly in the coming years, said Tuesday that the latest public funding is expected to unlock an extra  9 billion euros in private investment.last_img read more