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News story: Matt Hancock: new technology is key to making NHS the world’s best

first_img booking GP appointments ordering repeat prescriptions their medical record 111 online access for urgent medical queries data sharing preferences organ donation preferences end-of-life care preferences Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock will set out plans at the NHS Expo in Manchester today to make the NHS an ecosytem for the best technology available. These will build on the £20 billion long-term plan to transform health and social care so it can improve treatment and deliver better care for patients.He will announce that the new NHS app will be piloted in 5 areas in England from next month, ahead of a national roll-out in December: Liverpool, Hastings, Bristol, Staffordshire and South Worcestershire. Patients in these areas will be able to download a test version of the app, allowing access to: More than £200 million will also be invested to make a group of NHS trusts into internationally recognised centres for technological and digital innovation. The funding will support new Global Digital Exemplars in acute, mental health, community and ambulance trusts in England to set a gold standard of innovation for other services to follow.Secretary of State will also announce the creation of the HealthTech Advisory Board, chaired by Dr Ben Goldacre, which will report directly back to him. It will highlight where change needs to happen, where best practice isn’t being followed, and be an ideas hub for how to improve patient outcomes and experience and make the lives of NHS staff easier.Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock is expected to say:center_img I love the NHS. It’s been there for me – as it’s been there for us all – at some of the most difficult moments in my life. The NHS has saved the lives of my close family, and has cared for family and friends in dire need. I want the best for the NHS, and will do all I can to make that happen. We are proposing to increase the NHS budget by £20 billion a year, to guarantee the NHS for the long term. But money alone is not enough. We need to make the most of that money. Our hospitals operate dozens of systems each, that don’t talk to each other. GPs, social care, pharmacies and community care are on different systems. Systems crashing is a regular occurrence. The social care system is not at all integrated, when its integration is vital. The NHS infrastructure is stronger and moving in the right direction. Local pockets of brilliance shine out. The generic technology available outside the NHS is a million times better. And we have learned a huge amount about how to deliver cutting-edge tech in very complicated settings with big legacy systems. Now is the moment to put the failures of the past behind us, and set our sights on the NHS being the most cutting-edge system in the world for the use of technology to improve our health, make our lives easier, and make money go further, harnessing the amazing explosion of innovation that the connection of billions of minds through digital technology has brought to this world.last_img read more

Modernizing Data Management with Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation

first_imgNew Dell Technologies solution with Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation server appliance accelerates business outcomes by enabling diverse users to gain insights from data.Here are a couple of numbers that should cause concern for IT leaders: By 2025, we will be creating 463 exabytes of data every day. Data scientists already spend 45 percent of their time on data preparation tasks, such as loading and cleaning data. In light of findings like those, we clearly need more efficient ways to manage the data deluge that is hitting all organizations.So, what’s wrong with today’s approaches? For starters, even as enterprises are producing, capturing and storing more data than ever before, many potential users can’t find critical information and don’t have the tools they need to turn data into actionable insights and drive business outcomes. That’s because over 60% of enterprise data can be unknown, dormant or underused.Here’s another challenge. For many organizations, the move to big data technologies has created barriers to information for business and data analysts. Worse, data opacity and analytics complexity put the burden on IT to provide data extracts because most business users lack the required source system access and coding skills to independently explore the data.To enable a broader community of data consumers, a fresh approach is needed— one that enables efficient and secure access to data, no matter where it resides, for everyone with a business need. This brings us to the launch of Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation (DCP) software on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers.This new offering from Dell Technologies can be a game-changer for organizations working to become more data driven. It enables people in your organization to derive business value from practically any combination of enterprise data sources — without learning to program.Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation is a platform that provides value for both IT and the business analyst community. The Data Catalog features can provide a central repository of all the data sources and detailed meta-data that bring that unknown or underused data to the attention of business analysts. IT can enable data preparation capabilities for business users by simply adding a Boomi DCP node to a new or existing big data cluster. IT staff responsible for data governance can configure the right data access for the right users, using DCP role-based security integrated with existing source systems controls.Business analysts using DCP can create powerful data transformations and summaries, with basic relational data knowledge and some and common SQL commands. These jobs are then run using highly scalable Hadoop services to produce new data artifacts for analysis that replace traditional “data extract” requests. The artifacts are suitable for use with many popular reporting and visualization tools, both inside and outside of the Hadoop ecosystem.Even better, Boomi DCP on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers is easy for IT to install and manage, easy for use in data governance management and easy for business analysts to use. This combination enables organizations that are investing in big data technologies to safely expand the end-user base, provide more value and improve the ROI of data-driven initiatives.Ready for a deeper dive?For a close-up look at the capabilities of Boomi Data Catalog and Preparation software on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, read or download this white paper.This document describes an end-to-end use case that demonstrates a typical Boomi DCP workflow. The use case example addresses the different types of problems that can be solved using the Boomi DCP toolset and shows how the data discovery, data cataloging and data transformation capabilities of Boomi DCP can be combined into an integrated business solution.last_img read more

Employers in tourism welcome the employment of retirees

first_imgCover photo: Pixabay.com Namely, ofthe employment of all pensioners for four hours a day with the retention of a pension has been made possible by recent amendments to the Pension Insurance Act. Pensioners who thus accumulate at least two years of new service can also request a new pension calculation. A large number of jobs in tourism can be employed by people of “mature” age who want and can work even after retirement, which will significantly affect the better preparation of the season, the Croatian Tourism Association (HUT) concluded. retirees up to four hours a day while retaining full pension payments. Employees living in areas close to the workplace have always been a priority in employment, and labor imports are the solution only in a situation where the domestic labor market cannot meet all the needs of the economy. A large number of jobs in tourism can employ people of “mature” age who want and can work even after retirement, according to HUT.center_img The association believes that this measure, given the wide and diverse structure of jobs in the tourism sector and the situation on the Croatian labor market, will significantly affect the better preparation of the next tourist season. “We believe that this is the beginning of further liberalization of employment opportunities for retirees who have met the conditions for a full pension and thus settled all statutory obligations during their working life. Retirees who want and can work are of great value to employers, because their work and life experience allows them to adapt quickly, and younger employees can be a source of knowledge and faster getting into work., points out Veljko Ostojić, director of HUT.last_img read more