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Video: More proof the Lord could have been Arsenal’s saviour?

first_imgAs Arsenal’s reliance on the goals of Alexis Sanchez came back to haunt them against Manchester United as they lost 2-1, Nicklas Bendtner proved again why he should have been handed another chance by Arsene Wenger.The Danish striker has been in good form of late, scoring twice for new side Wolfsburg in their 5-1 Europa League win over FK Krasnodar before hitting another brace as Denmark defeated Serbia 3-1 over the international break.And he continued this against Schalke as he lashed a shot between the legs of goalkeeper Ralf Fahrmann, after coming off the bench, but he couldn’t prevent the high-flying Wolves from losing 3-2 to Roberto Di Matteo’s team.You can see Lord Bendtner’s fifth goal in four games above…last_img read more

More banks tighten standards

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREStriving toward a more perfect me: Doug McIntyre The Fed’s quarterly survey of senior loan officers found that 60 percent of the banks that offered nontraditional mortgages had tightened lending standards, up from 40 percent in the July survey. The Fed’s definition of nontraditional mortgages covers such products as interest-only loans and “Alt-A” mortgages that require limited verification of income. The survey found that 56 percent of banks still offering subprime mortgages tightened standards in the latest survey. However, the survey said 40 of the 49 banks surveyed said they are no longer offering subprime mortgages. Of the nine banks that are still providing such loans, five said they had tightened standards while four said lending standards were basically unchanged. The current credit crisis began with rising defaults in the market for subprime loans. Those defaults have already cost billions of dollars in losses and are expected to exact an even higher toll. Financial markets have been roiled since August with worries about how much bigger the losses will become. Citigroup Inc., the nation’s largest bank, announced on Sunday the departure of Charles Prince, its chairman and CEO, and estimated that it would take additional losses of $8 billion to $11 billion. More banks have tightened lending standards on home mortgages, the Federal Reserve said Monday in the latest sign of fallout from a spreading credit crisis. The Fed said many banks reported tighter standards for traditional prime mortgages, nontraditional mortgages such as “interest only” loans and for subprime mortgages, those offered to borrowers with weak credit histories. The Fed survey, conducted in early October, found that 41 percent of banks responding said they had tightened loan standards either “considerably” or “somewhat” for prime residential mortgages, those offered to borrowers with strong credit histories. The 41 percent figure was up from about 15 percent of banks that said they were tightening standards on prime mortgages in the previous survey, in July. The Fed’s survey covered 49 banks, including many of the nation’s largest. These banks account for about 75 percent of all residential real estate loans on the books of commercial banks. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Evolutionary Guru Deceives Himself

first_imgMaybe you’ve had this experience: you’re in class, taking notes, and after a long lecture, the teacher realizes something wrong, and announces, “Forget everything I just said.”  Frustrating, isn’t it?  That’s what a recent article on evolution did.  An evolutionary psychologist explained the origin of lying, then admitted he is self-deceived. The irony of the situation was apparently lost on Graham Lawton, reporter for New Scientist, who interviewed evolutionary psychologist Robert Trivers about the evolution of self-deception.  It’s intuitive that both parties must speak honestly to discuss such a subject, or else one or both could be deceiving the other.  Trivers undercut his own credibility in two ways.  First, he ascribed deception as a pervasive trait in the living world, something that evolved to increase the number of offspring.  Second, he said this at the end of the interview: Are you a self-deceiver? I end the book with a chapter on fighting our own self-deception. I’ve been remarkably unsuccessful in my own case. I just repeat the same kinds of mistakes over and over. If you ask me about my self-deception, I can give you stories, chapter and verse, in the past. But can I prevent myself doing the same damn thing again tomorrow? Usually not, though in my professional life as a scientist, I feel that I probably practice less self-deception, I’m more critical of evidence, a little bit harder nosed. You could be deceiving yourself about that. Absolutely. Forget everything he just said. We must leave him as he shows himself in the photo accompanying the article, asking a lizard, “Tell me the truth, lizard; am I deceiving myself?” Update 10/20/2011: In a Nature review of the book, (478, 20 October 2011,  pp. 314–315, doi:10.1038/478314a] Stuart West believed Trivers implicitly, never doubting for a moment the author’s complete honesty and trustworthiness. He said, “he [Trivers] conveys a powerful and focused message: if we can learn to recognize and fight our own self-deception, we can avoid negative consequences at levels from the individual to the national, and live better lives.” Shiver me Trivers, this is too funny.  Both interviewer and interviewee are holding fast to the Absolute Truth of Evolution, the pinnacle of man’s efforts to overcome their own self-deception, only to realize they have no guarantees that they are not deceived about the Absolute Truth they have chosen.  On what basis, Dr. Trivers, are we to grant you any credibility?  Let us put forth the hypothesis that your own apostasy from the Presbyterian Church has caused you to deceive yourself and accept evolutionary theory because it lets you sin with impunity.  What are you going to say in response?  That you now have found Absolute Truth in Darwin, when Darwin himself preaches a gospel of self-deception? You pad your own self-deception with statements that “I stand back and I read the creed that I was taught as a child and it’s utter, utter nonsense.”  Maybe you are deceiving us about the way you really feel.  How could we know?  You just told us that “Religion has been selected for. It has given many benefits to people – health benefits, cooperative benefits.”  So why would you go against what evolution has selected?  Why would you choose Darwinism, that glorifies deception as a good thing?  If evolution selected nonsense, then nonsense is good.  Why fight it with science?  Do you believe that science is a path to Truth?  What is truth? None of this “I take an intermediate position” escapism, occasionally attending your old church but calling the creed nonsense.  This is not about creeds; it’s about issues of truth and deception.  Evolution glorifies deception and provides you with no way to know you are being self-deceived.  You replied “Absolutely” to Lawton’s question that you could be deceiving yourself about scientists practicing less self-deception than other people.  How can you defend yourself from our charge that you are, in fact, deceived?  This is not an accusation; it’s an exercise in philosophy so that we can see whether or not your position is self-refuting (see Brett Miller cartoon).  Even your word Absolutely implies truth, unless you want us all to believe you are not really a scientist but a walking stick on a grander scale, trying to outcompete us for resources or hide from our predatory philosophical jaws (see another Brett Miller cartoon). New Scientist’s article shows why you can never trust a Darwinist.  For them to preach their theory as if it is true, they have to steal the Judeo-Christian values of truth and honesty.  That’s deception on the one hand, because they don’t believe those values are real.  For them to teach that evolution favors self-deception is deception on the other hand, because it undermines their own credibility.  It’s deception all around.  Don’t be deceived.  Lawton and Trivers just gave you another performance of Flimflam for the Common Man, by Error Catastrophe. Encore: Dr. Trivers has a new book coming out called The Folly of Fools.  He should have given the whole proverb by Solomon (Proverbs 14:8): “The wisdom of the prudent is to understand his way, but the folly of fools is deceit.”  Now, Dr. Trivers tell us about the evolution of prudence.  This should be fun because we already know you’re deceiving us.(Visited 114 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Mandela Day a ‘catalyst for unity’

first_img16 July 2013 Nelson Mandela Day should serve as a catalyst for fostering social cohesion, nation building, economic development and inclusive citizenship, the Department of Arts and Culture said on Monday. Marked across the world on 18 July each year, Mandela Day aims to inspire people to take action to change the world for the better and, in doing so, to build a global movement for good. People around the world are challenged to spend at least 67 minutes doing good work in their communities in honour of the 67 years that Mandela gave in service and sacrifice. South Africa’s focus this year would be “on community development and a call to everyone to use their energies, wisdom and skills to contribute towards eradicating poverty, addressing food security and reducing hunger”, the department said in a statement. Arts and Culture Minister Paul Mashatile and his deputy, Joe Phaahla, will get a first-hand look at progress made at the Nelson Mandela Museum in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape on Wednesday. The museum has been temporarily closed for refurbishments to improve preservation standards and create more exhibition space. On Mandela Day, Mashatile and Phaahla will visit Qunu Junior Secondary near Mthatha, where Mandela attended as a boy, to donate books to the school’s arts centre. The department will also help to clean and beautify the school through public art, and install flags in 10 surrounding schools. SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

How to Use Project Backups in Autodesk Smoke

first_imgIf the library also has a matching clib_hist folder be sure to rename it .bkup and rename the matching backup library so that your setups load properly in Smoke. If you get this message, then it means that you didn’t change the clib_hist folder or you changed the wrong one.   This is very bad because it means your setups maybe lost for good and you can’t open/edit or render the CFX clip.When you are all done… Relaunch Smoke and your Media Library in Smoke will have been recovered and your problems should be solved. Note: you only need to change the .clib files for the Libraries that contain a corruption or bad clip or lost clip. All of the libraries are separate and unique to their data.Any questions on the procedure? Feel free to leave a comment here on Premiumbeat. If you have ever had a project corruption or loose a clip in Autodesk Smoke, check out this exclusive video tutorial on how to work with clip backups.I have seen a lot of forum posts from people asking how to recover clips or projects after a crash or corruption in Smoke. Normally Autodesk would tell you to contact Support. The Autodesk Support is wonderful, some of the best in the business…but it is possible for you to do-it-yourself.  Now most will tell you to do this via Terminal and Command Line. But I don’t know too many users who like Terminal commands. It’s 2014, we have GUI.So below is a video tutorial that will explain how Autodesk Smoke saves it’s clips metadata and how to use the Auto Saves and recovers your Sequences, Clips and Libraries if they are damaged due to a crash, corruption, or even user error.NOTE: Be very careful when working with Project Backups.  It is possible to loose data if you are not careful. It is easy once you understand the files and what they do. Perform these actions at our own risk.Best viewed full screen:For the most part, the blog I did for Smoke 2013 on Project Files is accurate still. There are a few differences in the files layout, but the concepts of how the metadata is stored is still valid.Step-by-Step Clip Library Backup Recovery Close Smoke, as you don’t want it running and autosaving when you are working in the backup files. In Finder use the Go To Folder option in the GO Menu [Shift+CMD+G]. Type /usr/discreet/ and press GO.The use of /usr/discreet/… is due to legacy file structure when Smoke was a Discreet Logic company product before it was acquired by Autodesk. The file path is maintained for compatibility reasons with archives from previous Smoke versions.Open the clip folder and then open the Media Volume for your storage. In the example I have 3 media storage folders on 3 different drives. You will only have 1 (stonefs7) normally.Open the folder that matches your Project Name.Inside you will see .clib files and and .clib_hist folders. The names will match the Libraries in your Smoke Media Library.The .clib files are also incremented as 000.clib through 003.clib.  000.clib is the current and active library being loaded in Smoke. The 001-003.clib files are backups that get created when you save or the Smoke auto saves.The clib_hist folders contain the CFX setup information for the clip. Any Library that has a clip that contains a CFX setup on it, will create this clib_hist folder to mange the CFX setups.To use/load one of the backup libraries to recover from a corrupt clip or lost data rename the 000.clib library file that contains that clip with .bkup.Now choose any one of the other matching library files 001, 002, or 003.clib and rename it to 000.clib.  This will now be the “active” library that Smoke will load.last_img read more

Trudeau Ukrainian president discuss pressing Russia to deescalate aggression

first_imgThe Canadian Press BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko are looking to lean on other like-minded leaders to press Russia to de-escalate aggression and avoid “provocative acts.”The two leaders, who spoke by phone today ahead of the G20 leaders’ summit, discussed Russia’s actions in the Strait of Kerch on Monday that resulted in the seizure of three Ukrainian naval vessels near Crimea.A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office also says Trudeau communicated Canada’s “steadfast support” for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity during the call.Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says she has also spoken to her Ukrainian counterpart, and has been in close contact with other G7 countries on the issue.She says Ukraine is expected to be raised at a NATO foreign-ministers’ summit in Brussels next week.U.S. President Donald Trump also announced today he was cancelling a planned meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, citing Russia’s seizure of the Ukrainian vessels as a source of tension in a relationship.last_img read more

This New Brunswick town was literally haunted by the radio

first_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement For seven decades, a mysterious site on the Trans-Canada highway marked Sackville, New Brunswick. Where the hills and trees faded just past the Nova Scotia border, 13 120-metre towers rose up from the town’s Tantramar Marsh. They encompassed CBC’s Radio-Canada International (RCI) shortwave broadcasting site, built during the Second World War to send broadcasts worldwide.Like others in the area, artist and filmmaker Amanda Dawn Christie was fascinated by the site — which not only transmitted Canadian content around the world in various languages, but also relayed Radio Free Europe broadcasts during the Cold War. This week, she’s premiering Spectres of Shortwave, her experimental documentary film on the site, at the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax. It’s a project seven years in the making.“[The transmission site’s] purpose wasn’t for the locals,” Christie says. “So my interest was in what its relationship was to the local people who lived around it.” That relationship was more than just landscape: the transmission site affected the appliances, homes and even dreams of local residents. Advertisement Login/Register With:last_img read more

Sandy Bay First Nation in hot water as feds asked to take

first_imgAPTN National NewsThe chief and council of the Sandy Bay First Nation in southern Manitoba are in hot water.At the centre of the issue:  Allegedly unpaid teachers and missing pension and benefits.As APTN’s Matt Thordarson reports, the teacher’s union is asking the federal government to put Sandy Bay into third-party management.last_img

Mohawk code talkers honoured in Akwesasne ceremony

first_img(92 year old Levi Oakes of Akwesasne is honoured for his service in second world war.)Annette Francis APTN National NewsAKWESASNE N.Y — Close to 700 delegates, veterans and members of Akwesasne gathered in the sweltering heat Saturday for a historic ceremony on the American side of the Mohawk Territory.They came to honour 24 Akwesasne Mohawk Code talkers.Levi Oakes, 92, is the sole surviving code talker from Akwesasne who fought in the second world war.“I enlisted at the age of 18, and from there I went to Louisiana to be trained,” said Oakes.Oakes served in New Guinea and the Philippines.Code talkers used their language to communicate between allied troops. Enemy forces couldn’t decipher the language.According to New York Congress woman, Elsie Stefanik, the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe is one of 33 American Indian tribes being recognized for using their language to send coded messages.“I can’t think of a more fitting time to bestow this congressional medal, then on the 150th anniversary of memorial day, said Stefanik.”She said, for far too long their sacrifice went unnoticed, and they were instructed not to speak of their roles in the military campaigns.Oakes said he kept his role in the war from his seven children, until five years ago.His son Wally said he’s proud of his father’s accomplishments.“We weren’t sure when he would get a medal, we were just hoping before he left this earth,” he said.District Chief, Timothy Thompson said today’s ceremony is the result of a long process that began in 2011, it’s long overdue.“It’s about time that our elders and our families get recognized for their valiant efforts to secure peace, he said.”[email protected]last_img read more