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Biden says if he’s elected in 2020, he will not pardon Trump

first_imgDES MOINES — Former Vice President Joe Biden today said if he’s elected president, he will build on what he called “the squeaky clean…environment” of the Obama White House and have a policy for his family’s work that’s different than President Trump’s.“No one in my family will have an office in the White House, will sit in on meetings as if they’re a cabinet, will in fact have any a business relationship with anyone that relates to a foreign corporation or to a foreign country,” Biden said.Biden’s comments came during a Sunday afternoon news conference in Iowa. His son’s attorney issued a public statement early Sunday morning saying Hunter Biden will resign from a Chinese company and will not take any foreign work if his father is elected president.President Trump’s request that Ukraine’s president initiate an investigation of Joe and Hunter Biden’s activities in Ukraine is at the center of an impeachment inquiry. The former vice president, in speaking with reporters, said no news operation “of any consequence” that has examined the record has found he or his son did anything illegal.“What I’m not going to let you all do is take the focus off the problem,” Biden said as he started to rap the lectern with his knuckles to emphasize his points. “No one, no one has asserted my son did anything done. No one has asserted that I have done anything wrong except a lying president.”Five days ago, Biden for the first time called for Trump’s impeachment. Biden appeared Sunday afternoon at a forum sponsored by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and Biden told the crowd of about 350 that it is a crime to ask a foreign power to interfere in a U.S. election.During an interview with Radio Iowa later Sunday afternoon, Biden said if he is elected, he will not follow President Ford’s example in pardoning Richard Nixon so Nixon was not prosecuted for his role in Watergate.“It wouldn’t unite the country,” Biden said. “You’d say: ‘Wait a minute. I get a parking ticket and I’ve got to pay it. This happens to me and I’ve got to go to jail. This guy does all these things that put us jeopardy and he gets off? I think this is of a different nature. And I think President Ford, God love him he’s a good guy, I knew him pretty well, I think if he had to do it over again he wouldn’t have done it…because he didn’t get re-elected.”According to Biden, Trump’s assertions about him and his son have had “no negative impact at all” on the Democratic presidential race.“Everybody knows he’s a liar — the president — I mean, for real,” Biden told Radio Iowa. “…I’m the reason he’s being impeached. He’s indicted himself by calling in foreign powers to try to impact the election.”A CBS News poll released Sunday found Biden and Elizabeth Warren were each the top choice of 22 percent of Iowa Democrats and Bernie Sanders was the top choice of 21 percent. Biden describes that as a “tie” among the three. The past four Democratic nominee for president all won the Iowa Caucuses, but Biden said he could win the party’s 2020 nomination without winning Iowa.“I’m going to win the Iowa Caucuses, but the answer is I could because this is a totally different circumstance now,” Biden told Radio Iowa. “You have, I don’t know how many candidates are going to be left, but you have somewhere between 10 and 20 and, you know, you’ve got to get a percentage of the vote in each caucus to count anything and I think we’ll do just fine and I think we’ll do extremely well in the following states as well.”Biden credited his lead among voters over the age of 50 to his history of campaigning in Iowa over the past three decades. Biden is expanding his Iowa campaign and by the end of this week will 70 paid staff here. Biden suggests there’s plenty of time to lay the groundwork for a Caucus Night victory.“You know, in Iowa it’s not over until the last person shows up,” Biden told Radio Iowa.last_img read more

Past the finishing post

first_imgWeather: Fine; Track: Good’LUCKY5′ DASH TROPHYRace 1 1400 M (Purse $660,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($350,0-$300,0)/NB5YO(NW3)*1. FLYING MIRACLE AMartin 54.52. CHANGE HIM NAME OWalker 54.0 2L3. PLAY STATION ABudhu 52.0 2 1/2L4. AQUILO JErwin 54.0 1 1/4LLate scratch : #7 MERUWIN: 119.00Final Time : 1:28.3 Splits : 24.1, 47.2Winner : 5yo b horse – MIRACLE MAN – MORNING LILYTrainer : ENOS BROWN Owner : GARY S. AINSWORTHBred by ROBERT LEEQuinella: $204.00 Exacta : (2-4) $349.00Trifecta: $588.00SUPREME VENTURES “SUPER CHALLENGE” TROPHYRace 2 1100 M (Purse $950,000) NB2-Y-O MAIDEN CONDITION RACE*1. SORRENTINOS LEGACY PFrancis 50.52. PROUD PRESIDENT OEdwards3 50.5 3/4L3. PATCH DaneNelson 53.0 2/1 3 1/4L4. ZEPHYR SMuir 52.0 6/1 3LWIN: $112.00PLACE: $56.00, $53.00, $58.00Final Time : 1:08.0 Splits : 23.2, 47.0Winner : 2yo b filly – SORRENTINO – RAVINGTrainer : PHILIP FEANNY Owner : PARKLAND STABLESBred by ROBERT S. DABDOUBQuinella: $174.00 Exacta: $387.00D/E: $590.00Superfecta: $344.00SUPREME VENTURES ‘JUST BET DASH’ TROPHYRace 3 1200 M (Purse $880,000) 3-Y-O & UP OVERNIGHT ALLOWANCE1. DIFERENTGENERATION OWhite 50.02. RED FLAG PFrancis 52.0 1 1/2L*3. BORDER LINE JErwin 54.0 3L4. RUM PUNCH SMuir 52.5 NeckWIN: $273.00PLACE: $82.00, $76.00, $77.00Final Time : 1:13.1 Splits : 22.3, 45.3Winner : 6yo b horse – CONGAREE – COTTA’S JEWELTrainer: PHILLIP LEE Owner : INTEL DIPLOBred by Y.S. (1955) LTD.Quinella: $992.00 Exacta: $1,675.00D/E: $1,978.00Superfecta: $8,516.00Rolling Triple: $3,491.00SUPREME VENTURES “MILLIONAIRE DREAM” TROPHYRace 4 1400 M (Purse $868,000) NB3-Y-O MAIDEN CONDITION RACE1. I HAVE A DREAM SMuir 53.0 12/1 651.00 200.002. MINY LEE JErwin 55.0 5/1 1/2 135.003. DEMOLITION BOY CChow 53.0 8/1 1 1/4 140.004. PRINCESS STATISTIC RMitchell 54.0 7/1 3/4Late scratch : #9 ABOGADOWIN: $651.00PLACE: $200.00, $135.00, $140.00Final Time : 1:31.0 Splits : 24.2, 48.1, 1:15.1Winner : 3yo b filly – HOMING INSTINCT – DARE TO DREAMTrainer : DEON FACEY Owner : BYRON MCKEN & DEON FACEYBred by LAKELAND FARMS LTD.Quinella: $2,128.00 Exacta: $4,572.00D/E: $6,022.00Superfecta: $24,245.00Rolling Triple: $25,713.00SUPREME VENTURES “GAMES PEOPLE LOVE TO PLAY” TROPHYRace 5 1820 M (Purse $660,000) NB4-Y-O & UP RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE IV(NW3)1. SUPER HERITAGE RMitchell 54.0*2. NO MONEY FRIEND WHenry 55.0 3 1/2L3. NATASHADONTPLAY AndrePowell4 52.5 2L4. NO PAIN NO GAIN PFrancis 52.0 2LWIN: $592.00PLACE: $80.00, $59.00, $70.00Final Time : 2:01.1 Splits : 27.4, 53.0, 1:18.1, 1:45.2Winner : 4yo b colt – WAR MARSHALL – AKIODATrainer : JOHNNY WILMOT Owner : ZELMUNABred by DION JACKSONQuinella: $946.00 Exacta: $1,806.00D/E: $8,498.00Superfecta: $12,880.00Rolling Triple: $66,046.00DOLLAZ ‘CASH BONANZA’ TROPHYRace 6 1000 M (S) (Purse $630,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($250,0-$210,0)/NB5YO(NW2) & 6YO&UP(NW4)1. FIFTYONESTORM AMartin 55.02. GOLD SCREW BebHarvey3 51.5 Sh.Head3. EL NUMERO UNO DaneNelson 54.0 1L4. WINESHA RHalledeen 53.0 5/1 3/4Late scratch : #9 STORMONTHESEAWIN: $289.00PLACE: $137.00, $401.00, $208.00Final Time : 0:59.4 Splits : 22.4, 46.2Winner : 4yo b filly – STORM CRAFT – SHE’S A GEMTrainer : O’NEIL MARKLAND Owner : JANET NAJAIRBred by ALLAN L. FLOWERSQuinella: $3,429.00 Exacta: $5,123.00D/E: $3,361.00Trifecta: $21,529.00Hit-6: $48,110.00Rolling Triple: $58,185.00Super-6: $2,075,944.00HARRY JACKSON MEMORIAL CUPRace 7 2400 M (Purse $1,250,000) 3-Y-O & UP GRADED STAKES*1. PERFECT NEIGHBOUR OFoster 53.02. LONG RUNNING TRAIN AChatrie 51.5 2L3. TYPEWRITER DaneNelson 57.0 6L4. HOVER CRAFT AndrePowell4 50.0 1LWIN: $94.00Final Time : 2:35.3 Splits : 25.3, 49.4, 1:15.2, 1:39.3, 2:06.0Winner : 5yo b horse – NATURAL SELECTION – DESPERATEHOUSEWIFETrainer : WAYNE DACOSTA Owner : ALFRED A. LEE & JEFFREY S. MORDECAIBred by Y.S. (1955) LTD.Quinella: $355.00 Exacta : $374.00D/E : $630.00Trifecta: $192.00Rolling Triple: $10,320.00Pick-4 : $143,720.00SUPER LOTTO “BECOME A SUPER MILLIONAIRE” TROPHYRace 8 1500 M (Purse $868,000) IMP3YO&UP(NW3&MDN)/NB3YO-RESTRICTED STAKES1. BRAWN AChatrie 56.0*2. ORIGINAL TRAIN DaneNelson 54.0 1 1/2L3. DWAYNE STAR WHenry 51.0 Neck4. 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SNEAK PEEK JAnderson 51.5 1 3/4LLate scratch : #10 SWEET DIMENSIONWIN: $121.00PLACE: $57.00, $59.00, $65.00Final Time : 1:47.1 Splits : 23.4, 47.1, 1:12.3, 1:39.3Winner : 3yo ch colt – BLUE PEPSI LODGE – BROADWAY BELLETrainer : RICHARD AZAN Owner : ELITE BLOODSTOCK LIMITEDBred by IAN PARSARDQuinella: $149.00 Exacta: $314.00D/E: $469.00Trifecta: $150.00Hi-5: $1,932.00Rolling Triple: $1,218.00PlacePot 8: $17,747.00(SUPREME VENTURES) JAMAICA 2-Y-O STAKESRace 10 1600 M (Purse $4,000,000) NB2-Y-O FUTURITY1. FUTURE KING RHalledeen 57.02. NUCLEAR AFFAIR AChatrie 55.0 Neck3. BIGDADDYKOOL SEllis 57.0 2L4. DREAMLINER OWalker 57.0 3/4L*5. SORRENTINO’S STAR DaneNelson 55.0 1 1/4LWIN: $319.00PLACE: $94.00, $107.00, $123.00Final Time : 1:38.4 Splits : 23.1, 45.3, 1:11.3Winner : 2yo b colt – NATURAL SELECTION – MILLENIUM PRINCESSTrainer : WAYNE DACOSTA Owner : ALFRED A. LEE & JEFFREY S. MORDECAIBred by Y.S. (1955) LTD.Quinella: $1,456.00 Exacta: $2,985.00D/E: $901.00Trifecta: $4,497.00Hi-5: $13,613.00Rolling Triple: $3,751.00MONEY TIME “WIN EVERY 5 MINUTES” TROPHYRace 11 1300 M (Purse $600,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($180,0)/NB6YO&UP(NW3)1. TECHNOCAT ADancel 55.02. REIGN OVER ALL OWalker 54.0 5L*3. SINK THE BISMARCK BebHarvey3 53.0 Sh.Head4. BURNING MEDIC RMitchell 54.0 Head5. SERIOUS BUSINESS DDawkins4 52.0 2 1/4 LWIN: $883.00PLACE: $226.00, $87.00, $81.00Final Time : 1:22.1 Splits : 23.4, 47.4, 1:14.4Winner : 5yo ch horse – TWILIGHT TIME – SECRET CATTrainer : RAY PHILLIPS Owner : MORRIS M MYRIEBred by CARL D. ANDERSONQuinella: $2,910.00 Exacta: $10,145.00D/E: $7,145.00Trifecta: $7,179.00Hi-5 carry-over : $99,898.50Rolling Triple: $29,078.00Pick-4: $96,012.00Super-6: $266,491.30Pick-9: $10,365.50; $139.50Carry-over : $399,071.40last_img read more

Capello confirms he has retired from coaching

first_img“I’ve already had some experience with the English and Russian national teams, I wanted to try to train a club once again and Jiangsu was my last football experience,” Capello told Radio Rai.“I did everything I wanted, I’m very happy with what I did, and now I am delighted to be a TV commentator. You always win in this role!”Italy are seeking a successor to Gian Piero Ventura, who was sacked after the national team missed out on World Cup qualification.And Capello said he was backing former Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini, the coach of Zenit Saint Petersburg, for the role.“Roberto is a coach of experience who has travelled the world,” he said.“His experience will help him build relations with the players, but the national team lack talent.“We are good coaches when we have good players.“It is difficult to do well with mediocre players. At the moment Italian football is missing great players that can make the difference, there are no leaders.“In Serie A there is little quality. You learn from the best but if the best are bought by the strongest foreign clubs, Italian football doesn’t have good teachers, good players from whom to learn.”Capello, whose decorated career also included coaching spells at AC Milan, Juventus, Roma and Russia, last June became one of the most high-profile names to move to China, where clubs have been spending big to lure foreign managers and players.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Italian Fabio Capello, who has coached some of the biggest club sides in Europe, has now set his sights on keeping his TV commentating job © AFP/File / KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEVMILAN, Italy, Apr 9 – Former Real Madrid and England coach Fabio Capello on Monday confirmed he has retired from football management and ruled himself out of the Italy coaching job.The 71-year-old Italian had been linked with the vacant Italy coaching job after leaving Jiangsu Suning of the Chinese Super League (CSL) last month.last_img read more

IMO members expected to support ballot for industrial action

first_imgHospitals across the country could be faced with massive disruption with doctors to back back plans for a ballot for industrial action over pay and recruitment issues.According to the Irish Times, members of Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) will be urged from leadership to support a vote on industrial action up to and including strike action over lower pay rates.The IMO said it was seeking an immediate end to what it described as “the unjustifiable pay inequality faced by consultants which is based solely on when they were appointed”. It also wants an immediate increase in the number of consultants employed in the health system in line with recommended ratios.Former IMO president and hospital consultant Dr Matt Sadlier said the health service was “coming apart and doctors could not stand idly by”.He said there was a palpable groundswell of anger amongst the medical profession at the refusal of the Government to end the pay inequality problem.The IMO said the Government had failed at talks last month to put forward any proposals to address the two-tier pay system. The IMO maintained the pay inequality issue was directly linked to the failure of hospitals to fill permanently up to 500 consultant posts.Dr Sadlier said: “The Government is ignoring the dire implications of the consultant recruitment crisis. Yesterday, hospitals recorded the second-highest ever level of patients on trolleys and we currently have 770,000 patients on hospital waiting lists. There are a further 165,000 waiting for vital imaging services such as MRI; this is against the backdrop of a health service that has the lowest number of specialists per capita in the EU.“We expect the consultant and non-consultant hospital doctor members of the union to agree to hold a ballot for industrial action this evening to send this Government the strongest signal yet that this situation is intolerable and cannot be allowed to continue.”IMO members expected to support ballot for industrial action was last modified: November 6th, 2019 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Swindon v Chelsea line-ups: Blues youngsters get chance to impress, QPR loanee starts

first_imgChelsea Under-23s make their bow in the EFL Trophy at Swindon tonight, with many of their FA Youth Cup-winning side on show.Fikayo Tomori, who made his senior debut as a substitute against Leicester on the final day of last season, is the only member of the side with first-team experience.Nathaniel Chalobah’s younger brother Trevor is named in the starting line-up.Swindon have made six changes to their line-up, although QPR loanee Darnell Furlong, playing at right wing-back, is one of the five survivors from the defeat by Oxford on Saturday.Michael Doughty, also on loan from Rangers, is not included in the squad.Swindon: Henry; Sendles-White, Rossi-Branco, Jones; Furlong, Smith, Goddard, Murray, Ormonde-Ottewill; Hylton, Norris. Subs: Vigouroux, Brophy, Barry, Evans, Iandolo, Obika, Delfouneso.Chelsea: Collins; Sterling, T. Chalobah, Tomori, J. Dasilva; Quintero, Scott; Wakefield, Mount, Christie-Davies; Ugbo.Subs: Ali, Muheim, Sammut, Colley, St Clair, Thompson, Taylor-Crossdale.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Driven by imagination

first_imgRichard Forbes with his artwork on the Mégane Coupé 1.6 Expression. Neo Dhlamini’s Mégane Hatch GT Line. Ana Damas with her version of Greek myth interpreted onto the Mégane Hatch Dynamique dCi Energy. Rhett Martyn with the Renault Mégane RS Trophy 265.(Images: SAcarfan)Cadine Pillay                      Johannesburg car enthusiasts were recently treated to an art exhibit where Renault South Africa showcased just what happens when art meets technological design. Four local artists were given a week to use four cars from two models of the company’s Mégane range as canvases to express their art.The works, featuring two coupes and two hatchbacks, were showcased on 23 July to mark the launch of the 2012 Mégane collection.Neo Dhlamini, Richard Forbes, Ana Damas and Rhett Martyn, all based in Johannesburg, were given a week to transform their cars.Danielle Melville, head of communications for Renault, spoke of her company’s excitement regarding the project.“These artists stretch themselves into the art of the possible, exceptional, innovative and progressive,” she said reflecting on the art works.Of spider webs and quarriesThe inspiration for Forbes came from giant funnel spider webs, and he was drawn to the role of the Mégane Coupe Expression and how it could express both art and mobility.A visual artist, he also teaches art at Pretoria University and boasts seven solo exhibitions to his name, both in the UK and locally, and another 20 group exhibitions.“While travelling around South Africa I observed the sharp, rectangular, man-made and imposed quarries carved into the hillsides,” explained Forbes.“It came to me that the scars of the quarries would be a perfect site for a series of art installations depicting giant funnel spider webs.”These webs, he added, could become a site people would view and visit as they travelled, effectively allowing art to link the country.Earning your stripesFor 23-year-old graphic designer Dhlamini, the hatchback GT Line model provided the perfect canvas for his racing-inspired artwork. He lists among his interests Japanese anime, motion graphics, illustration and animation.“My design is inspired by the stripes found on legendary racing and sports cars,” Dlamini explained.He added that the main feature of his art is two lines that run from the front of the bonnet and go on to split into six lines, extending to the top and sides of the vehicle. The lines spell out the words ‘smart’, ‘intuitive’, ‘high tech’ and ‘easy’.“The fine line work around the lights at the front and back draw attention to the car’s new exterior features. The symmetry between the left and right is a representation of how the Mégane presents a balance between an everyday car and a beast of speed when you really push it.”Inspired by the universeDamas is arguably the veteran of the group, with a career spanning over two decades in a variety of disciplines. Her formal training includes stints at the Foundation Art School and the Michaelis School of Art in Cape Town, as well as at the Pretoria Technikon, where she majored in sculpture and print making.She was commissioned to work on the Hatch Dynamique dCi Energy TD, which is Renault’s answer to demands of environment-friendly designs.“My concept is based on the myth of the goddess Sophia, which views the earth as a living entity or organism and points to her as the creator of the world,” Damas pointed out.“For her survival, Sophia needs the cooperation of all mankind and all efforts to keep the planet clean, green and energy efficient. “The myth also describes the origin of the solar system, the earth and the human species. Sophia’s story translates into artwork through the use of organic lines, presenting the vehicle incorporated into the cosmos.“Starting from the bonnet, I visualised a spiral galaxy with Mother Earth emerging from the core. The spiral arms of the galaxy spread along the sides of the car like branches of a tree,” Damas said. Going for rough and dirtyFormer student of the Durban University of Technology and Wits University, Martyn is now an artist and arts lecturer. He has exhibited prolifically at galleries locally and abroad, and holds an academic advisory and coordination position at the InScape Design College.His car was the Mégane RS Trophy, Renault’s performance flagship.Martyn believes there is only the slightest difference between what could be defined as a drawing, and what might be seen as random processes of ‘mark making’ created as the by-product of any natural or mechanical action.“Take for instance the way in which a car travelling at high speed might create markings along a road as the tyres deposit a layer of rubber on the asphalt, if that vehicle had to suddenly come to a screeching halt.”Are the subsequent road markings art, or are they merely the by-product of the functioning of the car stopping? he asked.The mark making, he added, created by the upheaval of mud and dust onto the body work by the wheels of a car, could be looked at in the same way.“As I began to conceptualise a design approach for my car, I took into consideration how the car itself could become the facilitator of its own drawing process.”Martyn described his design as dirty, often aggressive, disparate and rough. Despite this, he explained, it still reflects the grace of art by echoing the faceted shards prevailing in Parisian cubism – with a contemporary neon edge, of course.last_img read more

Little excitement in today’s USDA numbers

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Conclusion, boring report. Santa, back to work.Today’s report was vanilla and boring. No big changes that sparked huge price movement in either direction. Shortly before the report corn was up 3 cents, soybeans up 1 cent, with wheat up 8 cents. At 12:15 corn was unchanged, soybeans were down 3 cents, and wheat was up 6 cents.If you were looking for drastic changes today, you were certainly disappointed.The question is: Will this USDA report day be bearish, with Santa bringing lumps of coal for grain producers? Or will it be bullish, with Santa bringing lots of presents of higher prices?  There certainly are lots of news tidbits that have been floating around for weeks. They would include Argentina and its election, China, weather in South America, U.S. production reports, and U.S. grain exports to include just a few.Corn ending stocks were 1.785 billion bushels, up 25 million bushels from November. Soybean ending stocks were 465 million bushels, unchanged from the last report. Wheat ending stocks were unchanged at 911 million bushels. World ending stocks of corn were down and world ending stocks of soybeans were down, both in very small amounts. World ending stocks of wheat were higher. No huge surprise there.The biggest changes took place with the corn table today. Ending stocks up 25 million bushels, corn exports reduced by 50 million bushels, corn used for ethanol increased 25 million bushels.This was predicted to be a pretty boring USDA report day. There were not any production numbers or yields for U.S. corn and soybeans to be released today. With grain exports trending below those of a year ago, ideas of slightly higher corn and wheat ending stocks are present. Corn exports were expected to decline 50 to 100 million bushels while corn used for ethanol was thought to increase that same amount. The final U.S. 2015 corn and soybean production and yields will be released with the Jan. 12 report. On that same day, U.S. grain stocks as of Dec. 1, 2015 will be released. The election of Mauricio Marci as the next president in Argentina has dominated the news for the past three weeks. It brings much uncertainty, yielding lots of price volatility in recent weeks. The runoff election on Nov. 23 is ushering in a new era of government in Argentina. Argentina has seen a struggling economy for years, some would say decades. Rampant inflation has been dominant for years. The current president, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner has been in office for eight years. She is not exiting quietly with her political appointees refusing to vacate their positions. Lots of money is being spent during her last days as president. Mauricio Marci is a strong advocate of business, a far cry from the strong threads of socialism currently running through Argentina.Marci has stated he would reduce export taxes on grains. How much and for which grains is a huge unknown. He takes over the reins as president on Dec. 10. Those taxes have long been a festering sore for Argentina’s farmers. The taxes have formerly been a strong incentive for Argentina’s farmers to hold onto nearly 18 million tons of unsold soybeans as they hoped some kind of change was around the corner. In recent weeks Marci has floated about the idea of reduced export taxes, though the amount appears to be uncertain. In addition, there has been strong talk that Argentina would devalue its currency very shortly. Those two ideas from Argentina of lowering export taxes and the currency devaluation pushes more money into the pockets of Argentina’s farmers. U.S. producers are on edge that soybeans will soon be flooding the market, pushing soybeans to new contract lows. The potential movement of Argentina soybeans, perhaps a lot of soybeans, has raised the notion that soybeans could reach $8 in coming weeks.China’s economy is also in the headlines. Their economy has been struggling, although a struggling economy in China translates into just 6% growth. That is something the U.S. would kill for when we have been crawling along at a pace of just 1% to 2% growth for years. China has been stimulating the economy, pumping huge amounts of money into the banking system, just like the U.S. and Europe has been doing for years. China also imported a record amount of US ethanol in October.Weather uncertainty hits us on two fronts. First, in Brazil with two huge extremes. Southern Brazil is too wet and has been wet for weeks. Northern Brazil is too dry. Some weather trackers like World Weather are forecasting for the dry conditions to continue in northern Brazil in coming weeks. Second, is El Nino.The current El Nino is the strongest for the past 20 years. For years there have been correlations for El Nino to translate into weather changes for the next US growing season. Some are already that this El Nino is a “Monster,” that it will influence strong weather events for the next decade. That is something to grasp and hang onto.Export loadings for corn year to date are 285 million bushels, last year at the same time were 379 million bushels. Soybean exports to date are 802 million bushels; last year was 872 million bushels.Just when you thought you were suffering from information overload, allow me to pile on. Here is what the market will be watching in coming days. Dec. 10, the new president in Argentina will take office. Dec. 14 will provide additional details on upcoming policy changes in Argentina. Those changes would include the likely lowering of export taxes on grains along with the devaluation of their currency. Dec. 16 is when the U.S. Fed meets to discuss policy. It has long been anticipated that meeting would detail the raising of U.S. interest rates.With no production number or yields with this report, it will be dismissed even quicker than previous reports. Any changes in Argentina policy will dominate price activity in coming days and weeks.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!last_img read more

Nitrogen deficiency issues in corn

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Matt Hutcheson, CCA, Product Manager, Seed Consultants, Inc.Due to heavy rainfall and saturated soils during the 2019 growing season, it is not surprising to see some signs of nitrogen deficiency showing up in corn fields across the eastern Corn Belt. Whether applied preplant or sidedress, patterns of heavy rainfall and wet soils increase the likelihood of nitrogen being lost. Because nitrogen is an essential nutrient for corn plant development and ultimately yield, losses will impact final yields this fall.When saturated conditions persist, nitrogen can be lost though leaching or denitrification. Leaching (more likely to occur in course-textured soils) is the process where nitrogen is moved down through the soil profile and out of the root zone where it is not available to plants. The severity of nitrogen loss due to leaching is impacted the intensity and duration of rainfall. Denitrification is the process where soil nitrogen is biologically converted to gaseous nitrogen and lost to the atmosphere. During denitrification, microorganisms break down soil nitrogen and convert it to nitrogen gas when soil is saturated and oxygen is limited.Nitrogen deficiency symptoms initially appear as a “V” shaped yellowing on lower leaves that begins at the tip and progresses toward the stalk. Nitrogen deficiency can also cause ears with tip-back, poor kernel set, and shallow kernel development. Fields that have experience excessive rainfall, ponding, and saturated soils could be exhibiting the symptoms discussed above.While nitrogen deficiency has most likely impacted yields, another concern for eastern Corn Belt farmers this fall is stalk integrity. When nitrogen deficiencies exist, the corn plant will “cannibalize” its own stalk to produce an ear. As a result, stalks will be weakened and will be prone to lodging this fall. Fields where nitrogen deficiency has been observed should be harvested in a timely manner this fall to avoid harvest losses due to lodged corn plants.last_img read more

Social Magazines: What’s Their Business Model?

first_img 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Related Posts richard macmanus Tags:#New Media#NYT#RSS Readers#web Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…center_img Yesterday we looked at the latest “social magazine” app to hit the iPad, called NewsMix. It’s very similar to Flipboard, the innovator and leader in this small but rapidly evolving market. Social magazines is a term that Flipboard came up with. It’s come to mean a News Reader type application for the iPad that has the visual appeal of a magazine, along with the social media features common to this era of the Web (integration with Facebook, Twitter and other social apps). Social magazine apps will become a key application for tablets over the next couple of years. Also we will see existing magazines on the iPad, such as Wired and TIME, evolve to become more like Flipboard – with better customization of magazine sections, whizzier UI, more social media functionality, and so on.An important question for Flipboard, NewsMix and other such apps is: how will they make money? Wired, TIME and other specialist magazines will rely on the subscription model (once it gets sorted out for the iPad). However, Flipboard and its ilk face the same issues with monetization as RSS Readers did in the previous Web era.Tough to MonetizeA big part of the reason why the consumer RSS Reader market never took off was that it was almost impossible to monetize. Users balked at ads inside their RSS Readers, so the main RSS Reader companies ended up turning to the enterprise market for the bulk of their revenues. Newsgator is a great example. It owns a range of sophisticated RSS Reader products, but it shuttered its browser-based RSS Reader in mid-2009 and now appears to focus mostly on SharePoint integration (i.e. the enterprise market). Flipboard and other social magazines can of course choose to make money by being a paid app in iPad and other app stores. NewsMix has headed in this direction, charging $2.99 for its app. Flipboard has chosen to remain free, a sensible move given that it wants to maintain its first mover advantage and ramp up its user numbers. Likewise, if the App Store ever allows iPad magazine apps to provide a decent subscription service, Flipboard would be wise to hold off on that too. Not just because publishers will probably complain, but again it’s an impediment to user growth – which is surely Flipboard’s primary concern, given that it has defined a new market.Flipboard’s Plan For AdvertsFlipboard co-founder and CEO Mike McCue told Robert Scoble when Flipboard launched in July last year that they were planning a “new, design-centric, advertising that could possibly fill a page or a portion of a page.” That same month, McCue told Business Insider that “when we build our business model […] it’s not going to be on the backs of the publishers, it will be with the publishers.” He went on to say that Flipboard plans to introduce “a totally new form of advertising.”It’s clear that Flipboard is looking at (or at least talking about) a predominantly advertising based revenue model, much like traditional magazines have. It thinks that the visual appeal of advertising that magazines have enjoyed, will translate to its product too. The contentious issue will be how it gives a cut to publishers, since – unlike Wired and TIME – Flipboard is not a publisher. That’s essentially the same problem that RSS Reader Bloglines grappled with in 2004-05. Bloglines didn’t launch advertising at that time, due to the outcry from publishers. Flipboard hasn’t yet broached the subject with publishers – and there’s no rush. Flipboard bought itself some time to figure out a solution, by taking $10.5 million in initial funding. If Flipboard is serious about this new form of advertising, then it’s a tall order. Any publisher that is even moderately successful relies heavily on brand advertising. Many publishers will be skeptical of a profit-sharing arrangement outside of their own sites.Acquisition May Be Flipboard’s AnswerFlipboard was the first mover in the social magazine space, so the reality is that it’s going to be an attractive target for acquisition – much as Bloglines was, Flickr was, Delicious was, and so on. My bet is that Flipboard continues to ramp up its user base, with scant regard to business model. It may still experiment with a new form of publisher-friendly, design focused advertising. But it will be a risky experiment. Nobody has yet figured out how to share advertising revenues with publishers from within a news reader-type application.Let us know your thoughts in the comments on how social magazines will make money. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostinglast_img read more

FreshBooks Launches App Store For Invoicing Add-Ons

first_imgTags:#biz#tips A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… john paul titlow Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Web-based invoicing service FreshBooks launched an add-on store today, allowing users to purchase extra features and integrations for their account. The store launched with five add-ons, including a tool for using FreshBooks on Blackberrys, an automated late fee generator and integrations with Peachtree Accounting, Highrise and Constant Contact. Three of the add-ons are free, while two of them cost a few bucks per month. Of course, FreshBooks already integrates with a long list of popular Web apps and services, but this marks the first time the company has made such integrations available as paid monthly subscriptions. This set up allows third party services and developers to sell add-ons through FreshBooks, who takes a 30% commission on each purchase. FreshBooks Chief Handshaker (his actual title) Sunir Shah likens the model to that of a hair salon. “In most hair salons, one person owns the salon and the other hair and nail stylists are separate businesses,” said Shah in a press release announcing the launch. “For the privilege of using the salon space, each pays a percentage of their sales to the owner of the salon.” FreshBooks currently boasts about 60 integrations with third party apps and services, so expect the add-on store to fill up quickly.center_img Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more